Swatting away the radio silence

Oh wow. It’s been nearly a month since I last blogged. Who am I?


Okay, so this hiatus was unplanned. Even I didn’t see it coming. I had my notebook filled with highlighted items and references to the books I have read and the kdramas I have watched, all set with the intention of blogging about it. And then whoops, now we’re halfway done with April. (What sorcery is this??)

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The 4 Books I Can Re-read Until My Next Lifetime


** Spoiler alert: I think that there is a high possibility that I am going to be a faerie in my next life. This possibility is brought to you by my recent book hangover from “The Cruel Prince.”

There are times in my life when I have champagne taste with beer pockets. Read: Broke. Too broke to even buy a book. HAHA.


Short of pulling off the greatest bookstore heist in the history of mankind, I resort to re-reading books that are already in my collection. That way, I don’t spend any money to indulge myself in reading (which I am wildly in love with and I’m pretty sure reading is in love with me too, because I am such a delight). Plus, it gives me the chance to go back to a story and look at it with fresh eyes. It’s a win-win situation.
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The Bookish Monster that I am, I…


Photo by Matteo Catanese on Unsplash

This is the post where I confess my preferences when it comes to displaying my books in the bookshelves (and sometimes, on the floor). All five of them true, none of them recommended. But you’re welcome to try.

And so, The Bookish Monster that I am, I…

Don’t fold corners of any book.

But I don’t use bookmarks, either. You know what I rely on to remember where I last left off with a book? My memory. Yeah, like that’s a pretty reliable source. What I do is look at the page number, echo it in my head several times, close the book, and then go do something. Maybe eat a meal, take a nap, do some squats, shower our dog with affection by throwing my arms around her neck and fuss over her until she squirms and finally break free. Then I come back to the book, open it, and wonder where I last left off. HAHA.

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