Are you choosing? Or are you running?


Books to read. New coffee places to sit in and savor both flavors and ambience. The typhoon has finally left. DNCE’s “Body Moves” currently playing on repeat during my commute going to and from work. Thinking of staying and leaving and then going back to staying. Only to think again about leaving. Ah, such is life. With all the hoo-has wrapping themselves all over me, it’s a wonder I am still sane. And so foishgiut lsafowu kjdnsf —

I’m kidding.😀


I am blaming this green tea obsession on the week prior to my period. But whoa, was I craving for it every single day. I was even willing to walk from our house all the way to 7-Eleven to grab a bottle of green tea latte one early morning on a weekend. Early morning. A WEEKEND, when I am known to notoriously sleep in. I’ve been drinking green tea in the mornings since then. Next thing you know, I’m drinking kale.

As for beauty / lifestyle: I recommend this beauty vlogger and this Instagram account.


I have finished reading an e-book called “The Ghost Files” by Apryl Baker. It was good. I really liked it because it set the tone for good horror. Mattie, our not-so-fearless but very determined, heroine can see dead people. She’s sixteen and has been seeing ghosts ever since she was a kid. She never really tried to communicate with them, though. That is, until she saw the ghost of Sally, her foster sister, during the middle of a party: Blindfolded, looking beaten and with a bullet hole in the head. Mattie may have the tough kid exterior (and a smart mouth to go with it), but she has good intentions. And so she sets out to solve the mystery of Sally’s death… Starting by talking to one little ghost girl in her bathroom back at her house. Things take a series of intriguing and scary twists and turns from there. Case in point: She gets introduced to a really scary “mirror boy” who managed to physically hurt her. She also gets to work with a resourceful and good-looking (rookie) cop who, even though she already has a boyfriend (popular school jock), she feels surprisingly comfortable with right from the start. The more Mattie uncovers the killer’s tracks, the more exposed to danger she is, both from the sinister “mirror boy” ghost and the killer himself. The book’s climax was gripping and intense.

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I am the Modern Heartbreak


After a much needed break from blogging and yet popping up in social media in sporadic intervals (except in Twitter because, you know — Twitter = love), here I am. Let that sink in, dear reader: Here I am. You’re stuck with me and you know you love it. Because we are both addicted to what we’re not supposed to keep coming back to, amiright? Raise your hand and say — nay, yell a resounding, “AYE!” if you can relate to that. *pauses, nods head* I knew we’d get along famously.

Warning: Random bits and pieces of thoughts ahead!

Who else here is excited for Halloween?! It’s one of my favorite holidays. Too bad we don’t have autumn here and trick or treating is not as huge and insane as I would love it to be. The good news is that there are tons of parties held in clubs and bars and most cable channels typically air horror movies and series. LOVE IT. Absolutely. And speaking of horror: Check out this trailer of an upcoming TV series, “Midnight, Texas.” It’s so good because it’s creepy in all the right ways.

I am in the process of changing my hair color. I have been biting my nails over this and finally decided to just jump in and do it. Right now, the result is an annoying shade of disastrous blond. One word: brassy. Not gonna lie: I dislike it so much that I avoided looking at the mirror that day. But then I thought, “Okay, this is not the end of the world. This can be fixed.” And so fix it I will. Two words: Purple shampoo. This whole hair dyeing this time around is such an adventure that I plan on doing it never again after this one. (Fun fact: I am no Instagram star but when I posted a photo of myself sporting this new disastrous blond shade, I got more hearts than I anticipated. You guys, support (in the form of red hearts) found in social media can be so nice at times. Especially when you are walking around with a shitty shade of blond hair and seriously thinking of getting a short haircut to remedy it. Thank you to everyone who took pity on me and double tapped on that photo. You are the best!)

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ALT: Internet Stuff (The Fun, The Funny, and the Sober)


It’s been a while since I’ve done a round-up of interesting internet things. Just when you think I’ve gone sappy and sentimental, I turn around and go set the error of my ways. Ergo, this blog post. Some are helpful for fellow writers, a few are fun (like reading about the 10 kinds of exes you’ll have), and a couple of them as random as one can get (case in point: Interested in becoming an exorcist?).

I’m going to make this quick because I just want you to go read these links.Yes, they’re that awesome. I hope you find it just as awesome, too.

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