I Keep Coming Back to This



A very sporadic post: Someone profiled my taste on men, my kdrama fever burns bright, and…

This side of the world, we got three extra days off of work because of some important nationwide event. However, I did not get invited to said event. (Which is a good thing, because I will probably walk into walls or bring up something either boring or reality-shattering. THERE IS NO IN-BETWEEN.)

This is how sleepy I was yesterday, when I went back to work: Oh God how I just wanted to crawl back to bed THE WHOLE TIME I WAS IN THE OFFICE. In fact, I was already thisclose to dozing off in front of my computer screen. I kid you not. I don’t know how I managed to talk my way through the morning meeting. In fact, don’t even know how I managed to function like a decent human being during work hours.

Enough blathering. I did say this was a very sporadic post, right? As promised in the title, here is a list of things that are totally random.

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On a personal note: Dating, waiting, NaNoWriMo, Steve’s perfect hair, and those darn demodogs


I have an extra three days off from work next week and guess who’s going to hole up hibernate binge watch on the TV series she’s missed? 😀


With that life-altering, destiny-changing announcement, let me address some offline stuff that have been begging to be blogged about because I know some stalkers maybe one or two haters folks have been dying to ask me. HAHA. Didn’t I just sound so full of myself there? Believe me, I CRINGED. I cringed but gosh darn it, some things need to be said. Things like: Jelena, demodog (Dart!), NaNoWrimo, monster hunting, and did I say Jelena?

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