I Thought I Heard You Whisper, “Trick or Treat!”

The ghosts are real

September is nearing and there are a couple of good reasons I am looking forward to it. August has been ranging from blah to okay to OH MY GAH! So it makes sense that I have high expectations for September to be kick-ass in every good way possible. I was going to set expectations on myself. You know, list some life goals and then actually go after it. But then again, I’m more of a slacker laid-back kind of person. So I am going to cross my fingers, wish on an imaginary shooting star, and chant something unintelligible while stirring some bits and bobs in a large cauldron, in the high hopes that September will be good to me.

You’d have to excuse my brevity in this post. I have a lot of things going on right now (mostly good things, yay!) but I thought now is the best time to throw in here some internet things. Halloween just came in early this corner of the internet, folks. Without further ado, let me give you these five internet links that will satisfy (if not spark) your love for all things scary / creepy. (Don’t forget to grab some coffee and your comfort food before clicking on those links! Enjoy!)

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Mid-week Notes: British accent, hipster coffee, and the hot / crazy matrix


Rain. Nothing but rain the past couple of days this side of the globe. I am not a fan of rainy weather. I just find the gray skies bleak and the rain is never romantic. Rain equals getting my shoes wet during my commute, okay? I am not a fan of wearing wet shoes, either. But like everything else in this world, there are always good things in spite of the rain. (Ha! See what I did there?) I have read somewhere that it helps to write at least three things (good ones, if you want to be the modern Pollyana amidst today’s violent and crazy world) each day. I tried to write them for five straight days but oops! I started getting lazy. On the brighter side, I managed to dredge a few things that recently happened. They are neither earth-shattering nor life-changing but they did make me smile and laugh.

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The Bantam Bare-bum Beast


Before I entered The World of the Employed (a.k.a. slapped by reality several times), I engaged in various extracurricular activities after school and during summer. It was sort of my choice. Mostly my mother picked a summer activity for me and I had the freedom to say yes or no. I mostly said yes, except for piano lessons, which my uncle suggested I take. My seven year-old self was horrified at the thought of just sitting on the piano bench FOR HOURS ON END. I didn’t want that. It would’ve been boring. But I nodded my head yes to the following activities mentioned below and you know what? Looking back on it, I was — and still am — grateful that I was given the chance to experience them. I may have been just a kid during those times and had little to no idea what I was getting my wee self into, but I went through it, anyway. I started it and finished it through the end. It taught me self-discipline and allowed my shy, quiet self to befriend other kids, ones who weren’t schoolmates. Lo and behold, the top three activities I participated in during childhood and teen-age years:

age: seven / eight


I remember the thrill of dipping my dainty ballet slippers inside a box filled with rosin (a chalk-like substance). I remember wanting to perfect every position and plie. I also remember looking forward to this particular after-school class. I guess I liked the soothing music and how beautiful it felt to dance to it. And, well, I did love wearing my baby pink tutu. Plus, I got to participate in our school’s ballet recital. The light blue costume we wore and its matching headdress thrilled me for weeks. I wouldn’t even take off the headdress while at home and even went to a grocery store wearing it… Okay, admittedly, I forgot I was still wearing that silver and light blue headdress with the moon and stars decorated in it. I was mortified when we went back to the car and I realized I had been wearing that thing the whole time. I remember thinking, “Other people probably think I’m crazy!!!!”

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