July: The month that traumatized me

July is for horrifying

Ironically enough, it’s also my birth month. WHAT’S UP, UNIVERSE????

It’s been one hell of a month, that July. Whew! But let’s not focus on my three hospital trips. Go on and sit down, Bob and Becky. This is that time where I talk to you about what made July traumatizing yet awesome because:

  1. Stephen King book
  2. “Come and Hug Me”

While I only managed to read four books last month (I need to update my Goodreads account, yes?), it was a good month in Booknerd Kingdom. I barely crawled out of my room, let alone my house to finish gobbling up wonderful, wonderful works of fiction. The last book I read for July was “Pet Sematary” by Stephen King and while my nerves were all fried up, it was an awesome read nonetheless.

Meanwhile, it’s in the land of Kdrama Fever was where I laid low. I stopped binge-watching them and instead focused on finishing just one. I chose “Come and Hug Me” and dropped “Why Secretary Kim” and paused on “Master in the House.” (The latter is not really a kdrama but a kshow, though.) What is it about “Come and Hug Me” that made me continue to watch it? Oh dear… All the tension and nail-biting moments on that one!

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It’s Aliiiive!!!!


Apparently, I’m not dead yet. I would like to take this moment to announce that absolutely nothing new is going on in my life right now. *pause* Do binge-watching kdramas and getting flattened by my TBR pile count? Well, yes. Yes because this is me we’re talking about. A major part of my life consists of buying books. Fun fact: Maybe one or two or 3755 of them winds up in my TBR pile, never to be read again until kingdom come.

I have decided that while this blog is as predictable as the gremlins running loose in my head, I am going to keep it. Keep it but maybe stick more with consistent topics like books and kdramas. And yes, the occasional horror thrown in.

I have just finished watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and I am never the same again. It’s hilarious and sweet and heartwarming. It’s basically about family and friendship but it has this fun and endearing vibe to it. There is no episode that I would dare skip. It’s that good, people. You can take my word.


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Swatting away the radio silence

Oh wow. It’s been nearly a month since I last blogged. Who am I?


Okay, so this hiatus was unplanned. Even I didn’t see it coming. I had my notebook filled with highlighted items and references to the books I have read and the kdramas I have watched, all set with the intention of blogging about it. And then whoops, now we’re halfway done with April. (What sorcery is this??)

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