The Weekend Diary: Mr. Maybe (Not)


To the guy who was and will forever be two rows ahead of me.

As a child, my favorite fairy tale was “Little Red Riding Hood.” This was before I grew up and recognized the tale for what it really was: A warning to all girls to:

  1. Not be stupid enough to go traipsing into the “woods” alone.
  2. Not be stupid enough to actually trust a “wolf.”
  3. Obey thy kin and do not stray from the original plan.

It was also when I grew up that I absolutely disagreed with the glaring morals of this so-called fairy tale (which really wasn’t for children, to begin with). I mean, we all crave the dangerous, the exciting at some point in our lives, right? Who else here has thrown caution to the wind (mom and pop’s approval be damned) and just jumped right in, raise your hands and say, “Aye.” RIGHT. I thought so.

The weekend was good. The bar and mojitos I was blabbing about? VERY good. And the possible future date? VERY good… looking. Holy hell. Better than good, if you want me to be honest. And to top it all off: I know him from before. Back when I was still in high school (which was many, many years ago), I drooled over him and practically stalked him. You know the type. We all probably went through a stage in our lives wherein we liked the silent, brooding type. The guy who was simply out of our league. The popular, good-looking guy who seemed to belong to an Armani ad. THIS is that type of guy that I am talking about. I kid you not: He is absolutely to die for.

So I bumped into him last Saturday at Agave, this Mexican resto pub with the overflowing mojitos. The years have been kind to him. In other words: He is in his mid-thirties but he is still HAWT. Six feet two inches tall, tanned and with intense light brown eyes, he turned all the ladies’ heads there. I was on my way to the restroom when I saw him standing by the bar. I had to pick my jaw up from the floor. And because I was still reeling from surprise, I wasn’t quick enough to look away and gawk at him from afar. I wasn’t quick enough that when he turned around, he was greeted by the sight of me staring drooling over looking at him. I was about to play dumb and proceed to head to the restroom when a smile that could light up the whole city (and probably the next two ones) dawned on his face and he said, “Greta!” I swear, I could’ve jumped up and hugged him. I could not believe he even remembered my name! Back in high school, I was the wallflower type. I could’ve passed for Invisible Woman. (This came in handy during Math class recitations.)

And from there, we talked a bit. I willed myself to hold back my pee just a little longer. Sometimes, we all have to make sacrifices. It is not every day that you bump into a hot guy and he chats you up.

A few hours later, me and my friends started to leave. I had to restrain myself from looking at the other table, where my not-so-former-object-of-fixation was sitting with his own group of friends. I was about to step outside when I heard him call my name. I froze and when I turned around, there he was in front of me. It was a cheesy movie scene but I am not complaining. Right then and there he gave me another of his slow, disarming grin and asked if I was leaving. In my most nonchalant, casual way I said yeah. That was when he said it was nice running into me and maybe we could catch up some time. He asked for my number; I gave it to him. That was last Saturday. Today is Monday and he didn’t call. He didn’t even send a text message. I know I said I am not into dating but it would have been nice to know that he made the effort to contact me. And it would have been nice to go on a casual date with him. Nothing fancy, nothing serious. Not even a date DATE, if you get what I mean. Just two individuals hanging out (no sleeping together involved) and having a good time. Which makes me wonder:

Can a guy and a girl hang out as “just friends” even when one (just one) is attracted to the other?

My answer to that varies, depending on “who” most of the time. If it was me and Mr. Unattainable back there, I’d have said yes. Why? Because even though I like him, I know he doesn’t like me in a serious way. Ergo, we can both have a good time and I know there is no danger of me wanting to take it to the next level or turn it into something deeper.

Except that he really hasn’t called nor texted, has he? Pfft. Score one more for him for forever being the guy who was and will always be two rows ahead of me. (That’s where he sat during an assembly when we were still in high school.)



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