A Non-Expensive Pick-Me-Upper


Yay for an inexpensive R&R. Score one more for me and my savings!

Moving in somewhere completely new and starting all over again can be overwhelming at times. It is exhilarating and thrilling at best; lonely and awkward at worst. Yesterday, it was the latter. I’d like to blame it on the weather but it’s nothing but gorgeous shorts and flip-flops weather over here. So I blame Life instead because I can’t hardly blame myself for feeling out of place in this bustling, bursting-at-the-seams city now, can I? I refuse to because that’s like telling myself I made the wrong decision and I might as well go ahead and pack my bags, head back home. Wait. I am home. This tiny flat with one bedroom and a kitchen/dining room/living room combined IS home, for better or for worse. Plus, I have signed legal documents and I am forced obliged to pay an arm and a leg each month for this so yeah, I’m not going anywhere soon.

I have splurged over the weekend. My bank account has once again been depleted (and right now I feel so defeated) and the culprit came in the form of what we can aptly call a “monster weekend.” But whew! What a damn great weekend that was. All those neverending mojitos, all those laughter and stories with good friends.

And so to deal with this mid-week crisis, I have hunted around my closet and found that box filled with going-away presents. I was determined to hole up here at home and feel sorry for myself. Salvation came in the form of one scented candle. So I grabbed it with an inspiration that slapped me in the face. Fellow foxes, here’s my concoction for a gorgeous yet totally inexpensive pick-me-upper:

  • a scented candle (I prefer mine to be vanilla. Just saying.)
  • a bubble bath (mine’s honey bubble bath from Deep Steep — excellent stuff)
  • some background music (depends on your mood, of course)
  • nail polish
  • unshaky hands (for putting on nail polish)

I know, I know. The last two items mentioned are off. I bet you’re thinking, “What the eff, Greta? Putting on nail polish during a bubble bath? What drug are you on?” I don’t do drugs, thank you very much. The thing is, I am feeling worn out and beaten at my own game. So at this point, whatever floats my boat in order to feel better is my first and only priority. Never mind if it’s odd or crazy. Who knows? Maybe there are other girls out there who do the same or, after reading this post, will do the same. Never, ever underestimate nail polish in a bubble bath session.

Moving on…

The scented candle I got as a gift, as it turns out, is this one. You might be a very visual person and need a very visual representation, so I’m giving you the exact image courtesy of Pottery Barn:


I forgot who gave me this but I am pretty sure she (or was it a he?) didn’t get the chance to read its write-up in the Pottery Barn website. “This candle’s uplifting scents of sage, rosemary and peppercorn add a welcoming feel in the kitchen or dining room.” I do not cook and my minute dining room is used more for late-night project cramming than eating. I do fastfood take-outs, if you care enough to know. I know that makes me a candidate for Ms. Bad Cholesterol of Epic Proportions but this is not about eating habits nor about cholesterol. This is about me using said candle during my bubble bath time which, while advertised for a welcoming whiff in the kitchen or dining room, works just fine in the bathroom as well. (Although in retrospect, that probably explains why I was suddenly hungry while I was painting my toenails.)

Okay. With that scented candle issue pointed out, I’ll plow ahead to the bubble bath. It was heavenly so let’s go straight to the background music. I propped my iPhone 4 (yes, the one without Siri) on the sink and the music I chose was the pitter-patter of the rain. I imagined the raindrops falling on the ground or the pavement or the roof or your kitchen floor because your ceiling has a leak and voila! Instant background music!

For the nail polish, I chose a nude one. I bought it from before and once again, for those who would like an image of what I painted on while I was wallowing in honeydew spearmint and breathing in the bottled incarnate of sage, rosemary and peppercorn:

zoya_nude_polishIn the end, I had a very relaxing and enjoyable bath time. I felt like I was the leading lady in a rom-com, ready to embark on a wonderful journey and meet a man who will sweep me off my feet because he’s smart and funny and gorgeous. (A girl can dream, yes.)

What I did instead was immediately fall asleep the moment my head hit the pillow. I also ended up getting late for work the next day, as I slept through my alarm clock.

Was that a successful (and cheap) R&R or what?



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