The Easter Bunny Kidnapped Me!


In the name of Easter Sunday, I caved in and decided to humor the holiday by ignoring my valiant attempt at shedding about five to seven pounds. In other words: I ate and ate and ate all things chocolate, especially those egg-shaped ones with cream fillings.

In all honesty, I was fired up and raring to go with ideas about this blog post. But then the weekend happened (especially this holiday weekend) and eet ees kaput for zos ideas. I seem to find myself in that same scenario and it is JUST SAD. And I’m not just talking about this blog. I’m talking about my life in general. All three of my bestfriends got married the last two years and they all started having kids last year. Even the ones who were mean and horrible to me during high school settled down. I look at myself and cringe. I mean, I always thought there’s a trade-off. Like, if you’ve got a pretty great family life and career, then your love life might as well suck. Or if you have a career and an awesome love life, then your family life is barely holding their shit together. And so I have come to my own conclusion: THE UNIVERSE IS CONSPIRING AGAINST ME.


Luckily, I am the glass-half-full type of person. There is always a lesson learned and this time I get to choke in more than one. Yippee! And they are:

  1. Be more conscious of the choices you make in life.
  2. Do not just react. Act upon things and situations.
  3. Count thy blessings to stay sane.
  4. Love the life you have and live it, making room for improvements and (good) changes along the way.
  5. Laughter is still one of the best medicines. (Well, next to Ibuprofen, anyway.)
  6. Want to look young? Don’t be a grouch. It starts within.
  7. Do not get out of the house without lip balm, BB cream and concealer on. Otherwise, you’ll scare off those around you.
  8. Pack your zombie survival kit because you never know.

Okay, so the last one was quite arbitrary. I’ll blame it on watching (yet again) “The Walking Dead” (season 1). Don’t worry, the next post will talk about something more useful for all you fellow foxes. Hint: No, I will not wax philosophical. God forbid I try to think too much again and scrutinize words uttered and declarations murmured with pop psychology. This is Foxes & Fangs, please. Now, if you’ll excuse me I will wander off and bury myself under the sheets. It is late and there is still work in a couple of hours. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…



4 thoughts on “The Easter Bunny Kidnapped Me!

  1. Everything resonates to me in this post esp. No. 1, 3 and 7 lol.

    All my friends are settled down as well, got married ad have babies now and I’m that woman/friend who attend their baby showers, hold the baby for a while and act to be cute with the baby and cringe later on when the baby wails.
    Yes, the universe is conspirng not only against you, but against me as well. I’m at least glad I’ve a friend there


    1. I don’t think I have ever been this happy to know that I am not alone in this. It does get awkward/a bit uncomfortable at time, doesn’t it? At least babies are cute in general. What about the meet-ups with friends? They all come in pairs and then I’m sitting there all alone. Lol.


  2. I only recently realised (after looking at all the people with successful relationships that I need to spare my boyfriend the trouble every time I get unfairly insecure or misunderstand him. Also, the twenties taught me that the BB cream is my only friend that will fit in the bag. :p Happy belated Easter by the way.. πŸ™‚


    1. If BB Cream was a person, she would totally be my bestfriend. And I’m sure your boyfriend would love you even more for sparing him the trouble. πŸ™‚ Yay for you! I know it takes all of my strength to not act on my insecurities and jealousy when something occurs. Lol.


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