Online Dating: Do You? I Did.

I did and it went so bad I vowed never to do it again.


No, it was not bad. It was beyond bad, it was beyond belief, it was mad. For the overview, I decided to get creative and make a haiku out of what had transpired:

Unexpected, this:
Your girlfriend came storming in
I exited, dazed.


Isn’t that a nice summary? I am just glad I got out of that unscathed. And the girlfriend’s reaction? Totally understandable. If I knew the guy wasn’t as single as he claimed, I’d never have agreed to meet him. Not even for brunch, which we did. (I know. Brunch. For a first blind date. Gawd.) So, if you have not yet been traumatized by online dating, good for you! But here, a few tips & tricks that could save you from either getting tricked or getting double tricked:

  • Read his entire profile. Even if it is lengthy or boring. I know it’s hard to get by with just a couple of paragraphs in “About me” or something but I suppose it’s better than nothing at all.
  • When chatting with him, ask some subtle questions that would reveal his personality or attitude. Seemingly random questions are valid. After all, his answers will say something about him.
  • Don’t add him to your Facebook or any other social media that you’ve got footprints on. Don’t do this just yet. Even with the supposed “security settings”, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Trust me. The internet is not your bestfriend on situations like this.
  • When you meet him, meet him in a public, neutral place. Think restos, ditch bars. Think the mall but not the movie house. Go somewhere where you can really see him and talk to him while there are other people around. (I personally know two people who are into online dating as well and both had awful dates. One involved a total jackass who just wanted to sleep with her and another robbed her, going as far as pointing a knife at her back while doing so. This happened on their sixth date.)
  • Have some of your friends meet him. I think this can be done after the third date. It doesn’t have to be a full-on hang out with them. Just let your friends put a face to the name.
  • Don’t try to be who you’re not. Remember: It’s okay to say no.

My point here is that I want you fellow ladies to be safe and sound. You know, remain in one piece (physically and emotionally) when meeting the man of what you dreamed of. Get to know him first. And while it’s thrilling to do so (oh the mystery!), please don’t overlook the fact that he is a total stranger (unless you magically discover that you have mutual friends, then that’s awesome). Go watch “This Means War.” While online dating is not portrayed scary there, it still is a good (and really hilarious) movie and Reese did say something about why she hasn’t tried online dating and what she said makes sense. I won’t mention what she said. Now go watch it. *wink!*

Oh, and if you want to try a hand at online dating… Good luck, stay safe and enjoy! πŸ™‚




2 thoughts on “Online Dating: Do You? I Did.

  1. I’m actually glad what I experienced is probably in the minority. It’s good to know you have good experiences with online dating. Maybe my Mr. Right is not there. Note to self: Perhaps he’s in the supermarket. Hopefully wandering along the coffee and creamer section, if not the snacks/chocolates section. Lol.


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