I Met My Sandwich Soulmate at Subway Today

I entered the nearest (and only, actually) Subway during my lunch break today. I was so hungry I could practically taste the crunchy part of my their toasted bread. And then promptly collapsing right after that.

The guy before me was in the middle of ordering his sandwich. As he was telling the girl behind the counter what vegetables / condiments should be thrown in his order, I was in awe. You couldn’t tell I was in awe, though, because my face was wearing that facial expression that was a weird mixture of nonchalance and hungry homeless woman on the street. But yes, I was in awe. Because each time he uttered the ingredient that he liked to be included in the sandwich, it was exactly what I would order. I don’t remember which bread he preferred but I know he said yes to all the vegetables except for the onions. My ears perked up at that. Me, too! I don’t like onions on most days. The girl behind the counter asked what his condiment was. I waited for his answer. He said he’d like the mayonnaisse. My awe elevated to being dumbstruck. I have fallen in line countless times in this very same Subway but I cannot recall one person who matched my exact order. Was this fate? Was this the universe helping me, nudging me closer to my (sandwich) soulmate? And what a cute story that would make in the future! “I met my boyfriend in Subway. I noticed him because he might as well have ordered for me.” And then the guy added, as if as an afterthought, “And honey mustard.” I tried to compose my facial expression. Honey mustard? Yuck. Eww. Deal breaker, that one is. So in the space of about less than five minutes, the notion of finally finding my (sandwich) soulmate disintegrated into thin air, left with the cloud of dust of someone who liked honey mustard.

I left Subway a couple of minutes after him. I decided to make it a full meal. My sandwich soulmate may have been short-lived but my hunger? It was on full force.

Sidenote: I wish I looked even half this good even on my messy, unkempt, make-up free days:


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