Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head… Stop!

It has been officially declared: The rainy season has started this side of the world. I don’t know about you but for me, rain always brought along this feeling of gloom and impending disaster. Ever since I was this pasty, skinny kid I hated the rainy season. And fast forward to today, that has not changed.

The puddles on the pavement. People shaking off the water from their umbrellas as they sit next to me on the bus, accidentally pouring water on my feet. The gray sky. The downpour of raindrops.

Rainy days are meant for staying at home, all curled up in the bed or sofa, accompanied with hot coffee and some chips or bread at an arm’s length.

It doesn’t help that I have been feeling bummed out the past few weeks. I feel like nothing is working out in my so-called new life. While I like to look at the bright side, the ugly part of reality is rearing its head on me. There are bills to pay, for starters. Then there are bills to pay, just to emphasize on that. But then I ran across this Facebook post which went something along the lines of: When youย  complain that your food is not good enough, someone is praying for food. Any food just to get them through their hunger. When you complain that your job is not paying you enough, someone is hoping to get hired and actually get a job. When you complain your house is dirty or messy orย  that something is broken, someone is wishing for a roof above their heads.

And just like that, I felt like I had to turn things around. My life may not be what I initially started out for but few people I know are actually living their dream life. I should stop sulking and crying over problems and instead be grateful. And then go do something, even if it’s just one tiny thing. Baby steps and faith and courage.


I will get there, eventually. For now, I just need to be more courageous, to hold on to faith, to count my blessings, and know that this is not forever. I am at a temporary (if not transitional) stage in my life right now and I must do the things I can. They say Rome was not built in a day. The same goes for my dream life. Here’s to making something beautiful each day.



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