Mid-week Moodboard

You’ll have to excuse my sporadic blogging schedule. A least today’s post features yet another moodboard. It is EXACTLY how I feel about my life lately. Subdued but daydreaming about traveling. Wanting some calm, if not some peace and quiet. Have a day or two all to myself, tuning out the external world. And then there is Tom Mison. OF COURSE. With my recent delight and obsession with “Sleepy Hollow”, how can I not include the man who plays Ichabod Crane? (Although to be honest, I prefer his Ichabod Crane hair.)

I have recently bought one large notebook and another small one. I don’t need any more notebooks but I am known for hoarding them, especially ones with beautiful designs. And the two I just bought over the weekend? Absolutely gorgeous. Note to self: Take a snapshot of it and post it here so readers will know what I am blabbing about.

Work-wise, we just did a re-launch of one of the company’s internal websites. It is a huge project and I was (and still am) a bundle of nerves about its launch. The website serves thousands of people from all over the globe and I am wishing and hoping that things turn out well. We have few issues since the launch but I knew that would happen. Because, you know, technology. Unpredictability. Those and oh, the power to suddenly blow up in your face. HAHA. I am lucky my boss is keeping things steady and when I am at a loss and ask her, she knows what to say and do and I am saved. Count thy blessings in the midst of this major work event.

Weekend is nearing and boy am I looking forward to it! I think I’ll just stay at home and relax. In front of the PC while playing “The Sims 3” or having a TV show marathon re-run.



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