Weekend Wonders: The Awed Edition

Awed - The Weekend Links | Foxes and Fangs blog by AnnaIt feels like the past couple of months have become a series of blurs and smudges. Where did the time go? It feels like I could glance behind me and if I crane my neck a bit more, I would see the start of the year. And now more than half of that year is over. Where did the past six months go? I can hardly recall at this point — both the good times and the bad — and I am not sure how I feel about that right now. I am almost afraid that if I shut my eyes, the next time I open them it would be Christmas and then I’d be all like, “What the hell happened to August, September, October, AND November?” I’d be upset, especially if Halloween just rolled past me without even a trace of scary stories or horror movies.

It’s like the leitmotif of 2014 is Indecision. That’s right, with a capital “i.” Do I like that? Not so sure. Do you love that? Not really, not right now but feel free to ask me in the next hour. I’m sure my answer would be different by then.

Not good. Nope. But enough blathering. Ladies & gents, it’s been a while since I presented a list of links that would, hopefully, inspire you or make you laugh or make you feel all shiny and happy.

This gift box was created with bridesmaids in mind. But because I tend to tweak things a little and stray from time to time, I say make the gift box and make someone happy any day with it.

I have always loved Breanna’s simplicity when it comes to her web design styles. This latest process shot from her is no exception.

Nautilus makes even the most intellectual things fun and interesting.

What is Asmodexia? It is a horror movie, that’s what. One that I want to watch so badly.

Aside from anything horror, I also love peanut butter. And this recipe for no bake peanut butter marshmallow bars is L-O-V-E.

These pops of colors are a treat to look at.

And a freebie! Beautiful printable geometric gift bags!

Until next time… Enjoy your weekend and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! (You can, of course, start a paranormal investigation just because. — Totally random words out of my mouth.)



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