Wear This Wednesday

There is nothing like the feeling that you can take on anything in this world, even though the wind is howling outside and the rain keeps pouring in buckets. And one of the things that helps make me feel like I am going to have the best day ever is a good set of wardrobe.


One of my style icons is the character Serena van der Woodsen in the “Gossip Girl” TV series. (She’s played by Blake Lively.) Even though she is wearing the simplest of outfits, she still looks so good. All you GG fans out there, remember how she chose to wear her school uniform?


Countless times I drooled over her wardrobe, be it fancy schmancy or for the office or just something casual. These are my favorites:




Make no mistake: I neither have those legs for days nor that impressionable front side. *wink!* But I refuse to wallow in misery and not moan about those things I lack. Ever heard that quote about making the best of what you do have? EXACTLY. And so, while still being inspired by Serena’s fashion sense, I decided to put together a set of clothes that I know I can wear while still being comfortable in my own skin BUT without looking like I am trying too hard.


I have always been a fan of nautical stripes and decided to incorporate that here. A striped blue and white top that is neither too girly nor too fancy, a white skirt with enough flirty feminine style, a matching white blazer whose cut won’t make me look like a little teapot (I do not have the tall, slender physique, you see), and really cute denim pumps. I decided to add something that will pop, so I chose the color red for the bag and the earrings. The gold rings add a nice touch to this clean but not boring outfit. You can see more about the items in this set by clicking here.

Now I want to know: Who’s YOUR fashion inspiration / icon? And if you have a Polyvore account, I would love to add you there!



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