5 Ways to Start a Project Right


I read a blog post from Virgin.com about the ways you can build a project. It was written by Richard Branson and it was written well, in spite of the fact that it wasn’t lengthy. He talked about the 5 ways in which you can build a project with a purpose. His keypoints were inspiring and clear. Oftentimes, we lose what it really means to start a project. We worry about perfecting it, we bite our nails over what could go wrong, we stress over things that, in hindsight, we can do without. If only we knew what to do when we first started that project.

Richard’s article does not talk about a specific workflow or method. In fact, his tips centered around finding your purpose and how it makes things easier once you know what your purpose actually is. Inspired by his post, I thought I would share it with you by applying my own viewpoint and experiences.


Something must be done and you know why. Armed with your passion and your purpose, it will be easier to start. It takes guts to start something but it also takes heart to sustain a project. Have the faith and confidence in yourself and know that if you’re feeling lost, your passion and purpose are always there to guide you.


Own your project and embrace its challenges. You started this. Make sure you see it through the end. The rewards (not to mention the feeling of great satisfaction) will be immense. The trick is to pinpoint what you want to do, why you want to do it and then start with the steps that would take you from Point A to Point B. Don’t dwell too much on brainstorming or waiting for the perfect moment to start something. Just do it. You’ll know what to do once the ball has started rolling.


While it’s good to be dedicated to your passion, don’t lose the other things (and people) you love in the mess of details that come with projects. Go ahead and use that lunch break to walk around or do something to help you unwind and relax. Spend non-office hours and the weekends with loved ones. Don’t burn yourself out. Don’t lose yourself.


It’s great to be starting and even leading a project but it’s even better if you interact with others. All those exchange of ideas and collaboration will foster camaraderie and bonding with those around you. Reach out to them, take into account their ideas and suggestions.


With your project, you must also think how can it impact your team or partner. Does it enhance their creativity? Does it broaden their horizons? What do they learn from it? What can they get from it? Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you have helped made someone’s life a little better because of what you do.

Have you found your purpose in the project you are currently working on? How did you get to where you are right now and what things have you learned from the whole process?

* credits for the image I made: stock photo (Unsplash), texture (accio glow), font (Venera)


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