A List of Things (ALT): 5 Gifs That Best Describe the Galling Instances in My Life Lately

There are times in life when you wish that a certain moment/scenario would stretch further than forever. Then there are times when you wish for exactly the opposite: Lose that moment/scenario faster than you could blink. Here are the top five of those things that I wish I could lose EL PRONTO!

1. When certain instances in my life keep on popping up and seem to be put on replay. Perfect example:Β  Bills that magically come up (ex. Laundry? Again? I need to learn how to handwash!), the past that I have been trying to tiptoe my way around in, noisy people at home when I am trying to get a decent couple of hours of sleep during the workweek, etc.


2. It is true what they say: The people you want to stay the most always leave. And the ones you desperately wish to just get out of your face? THEY HAVE THE GUTS TO STAY. This is one of life’s sick, cruel jokes.

3.Those moments when I walk inside a bookstore, look around and see two or three or five books that I want to buy all at the same time but can’t. Because, you know, there’s rent to pay and that electricity bill and internet subscription and the giraffe lounging around my backyard and the walrus sunbathing in my pool will not pay for themselves. Oh, the feeling of hurt and melancholy when I leave the bookstore.

4. When one of my friends or parents tell me information that I could totally do without. (I really didn’t need to hear about that one time about your poop. *pause* And told in such graphic detail too.)

5. When some random stranger — male or female — stare at you. I hate, hate it when someone stares at you, especially if I don’t know you. It’s annoying and creepy and did I mention annoying? Oh yeah. It’s rude, too. *pause* And completely annoying.


Not really tangent: I love it when gifs are used to illustrate examples or scenarios in blog posts.

If you have any post that uses gifs to further illustrate your feelings or emotions or points in your blog, let me know. I love good posts with gifs. They’re so much fun to read!

* gif sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


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