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Due to a holiday, it was a long weekend for me. And I needed that. I had more time to kick back and relax. I had the luxury to not give a care and just indulge myself with the things I really wanted to do. And for this long weekend, I spent most of my time catching up on “Supernatural” season nine.

It’s hard to believe that I have been following this show for nearly a decade. Sure, there were episodes that I found boring. There were episodes that made me wonder “WHAT were they thinking?!” But my love for this show has remained constant, if not solid. This particular season, especially its ending, was intense. Warning: Some kind of a spoiler ahead but I won’t give away too much. I promise. If you still haven’t watched the show and you don’t want anyone to ruin it for you (especially not this blog), look away. Now. And then proceed to watching it. You know you want to.


God’s little scribe has all grown up and not impressively. Ridden with the want to be loved and gain attention, his thirst for power has grown out of proportions. And with each episode he is in, I grew to detest him more and more. He used his power in all the wrong ways, believing that what he is doing is right and for the common good. Although one may argue that what is right and what is good are mostly subjective things. However, I know I am not alone in thing this: Metatron has gone cuckoo with his quest for power and wanting to take God’s place.


I liked him at first. He seemed like a pretty nice angel. (Personally, I think he is also the best-dressed angel in the show. Sorry, Castiel, but everything in his wardrobe trumps your suit and trench coat. But you’re still my favorite angel, Cas.) He seemed TOO nice and I was proven not wrong. But as the story progressed, the more I saw him as a desperate and misguided angel who wanted to redeem himself and just go back home. Like everyone else, Gadriel did what he thought was right and that the killings were the means to a good end. (I will refrain from saying more, as I am afraid to give away too much details.)


Ah, Castiel. The angel whose grace was stolen, became human (who had to go to the laundromat to clean his blood-soaked clothes) and yet remained steadfast and loyal to the Winchester brothers (or to Dean, really). Wanting to take no more part in bloodshed and violence, he takes the role of the reluctant leader in leading an army (his “flock”) of angels to go against Metatron and make all angels go back to their home, that place we call heaven. What else can I say? Castiel has always been one of my favorite characters. A fallen angel hopeless in adjusting to humankind, no matter how much he loves them. And let’s face it: He is funny even without trying to. Although his stubborn insistence in wanting to believe in what is good did land him in trouble more than half the time. Never mind that. It lends to his charm.

The Winchester Brothers

Dean and Sam have been through thick and thin, through hell and back again, through deaths and hellhounds and shapeshifters and demons and angels… you get the idea. Unfortunately, for this season my favorite Winchester brother, Dean, goes from edgy to nearly crazy. (I am not going to say why or how. Hint: Biblical character. Sorry, I couldn’t resist dropping that.) During the last half of the season, I found myself desperately wanting Dean to just chuck [bleep!] after killing [bleep!] and go on with the usual program. If only it was that easy. IF ONLY. Sam, on the other hand, voices out his mistrust for his older brother. And that’s totally understandable. I’d react the same way if I was in Sam’s shoes. And due to this trust issue, the gap between the two yawns and gapes open and, as expected, resulted to a couple of bumps here and there. But the season ender… Oh my. Those two… *shakes head* No, I will not say more. I shall restrain myself but… it was simply heartbreaking. *sniffle, sob*


He is the King of Hell and as much as I’d love to loathe him 100%, I don’t. Crowley is funny, always with the clever comebacks and sarcastic one-liners. In this season, he yet plays another crucial part in helping and at the same time messing with the Winchester brothers’ lives. Let’s face it: For all his wit and humor and the convenience of his power, Crowley just can’t be trusted. I love how that fact is hinted at during those moments the camera would focus on him and, without even saying anything, you’d go, “Uh-oh. Crowley has something up his sleeve. AGAIN.” Dammit, Crowley. Just when you were starting to show your human side (ending of season eight, yes?) you go back to being the King of Hell.

Bonus: Henry Winchester

If you remember back in season eight, John Winchester’s father, Henry, was introduced. Some puzzles about their family were solved. In this season, a couple more mysteries about the Winchesters were revealed. Like how Abadon had Henry fooled, as that demon was right under his nose all along. It also showed how Henry was worried about his wife and kid if ever he should die during one of the Men of Letter’s initiation assignments. I’m seeing a pattern here: Winchesters are the “family first” kind of men but as they each encountered supernatural occurrences, their sense of what it means to be a family kind of got screwed.

Another Bonus: Charlie!

Who doesn’t love Charlie? Smart, witty and armed with curiosity, she comes back to The Bunker to help out Sam and Dean. The episode’s story line she guest starred for was a little weak for me but hey, her character helped make it more interesting. No, she did not come back for leviathans. She came back for… (Look away if you don’t want to know. Jump right to the next paragraph.) Charlie Bradbury came back for Dorothy and the Wicked Witch. *pause* From the “Wizard of Oz.” Let that sink in your system. *pause* Yeah, I thought so too.

The long weekend was spent on nerdery/geekery, if you want to know that truth. Not only did I indulge in a DVD marathon of “Supernatural” but I also bought two books. “Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore” by Robin Sloan and a book containing Edgar Allan Poe’s stories such as “The Black Cat” and “The Tell-tale Heart.” The last time I read it properly, in utter fascinated absorption, I was in third or fourth grade. The version I was clutching in my hands that time was the one with simplified vocabulary AND a few sketched renditions of the scenes from each story. Good times. I figured it was high time to get re-acquainted with the stories. Right now, though, I am still reading “Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore” and I am enjoying it. A lot. It’s a fun read with quirky characters that are intriguing and lovable enough to make you want to turn each page and know what will happen to them.

Well, I hope your weekend was relaxing, refreshing and enjoyable too. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll use what’s left of my free hours reading “Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore” with a cup of cold coffee and some food.

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