Because It’s Friday


One of these days, I will drown in all the various information from blogs and websites that I follow. I will drown in them, choke on them, then swim my way back to Sanity, only to promptly forget about 90% of those information I so eagerly digested the moment I hold a DVD marathon. This weekend, I plan to catch up on “American Horror Story” season 2, Asylum. That is to say if I don’t get queasy over some, um, graphic scenes. Ghosts and ghouls and phantoms and witches, I can take. But gory ones and demonic possessions? They leave me traumatized. Up to this day, I still have yet to get over “The Exorcism of Emily Rose.” Speaking of that one, have you tried listening to the actual (voice) recording of her exorcism? I did and it gave me goosebumps within five seconds of hearing it. I refused to listen to some more after that.

I want to get something done — really done — over the weekend. Maybe write a chapter or two of this story that I have dropped because, well, life and toil and trouble. Or maybe work on the blog that I have set up in a local environment. Perhaps I’ll try some neat CSS tricks on the photos or the sidebar layout.

Note to self: Buy a copy of Stephen King’s “Dr. Sleep” and “Mr. Mercedes.” Also? Reserve Saturday midnight for that one segment in Animal Planet (or is it Animal Kingdom?) channel. It’s about hauntings and pet owners. One good horror show.

I have been SO LAZY during the past weekends it’s disgusting. As appalling as those wasted weekends were, I was okay with it. I got to kick back and relax and unwind. Dear technology, please don’t ever leave me.

BONUS: As a web enthusiast, I just cannot get enough of the information I glean from various blogs and websites. It would be a shame to not share them. Here, let’s get some good reading rolling:

  1. Austin Kleon. My current addiction. Just hop over to his blog and see what I mean. His content? Amazing and inspiring, peppered with just the right amount of humor. My favorites are the ones under “office hours.”
  2. Did anyone say Flappy Bird? And HTML5? No? Well, you’re going to get a fusion of both, anyway. Get some coding done and have some fun with creating your very own Flappy Bird using HTML5.
  3. I love, love, LOVE “Supernatural” and I make sure everyone knows it. This recent gag reel from season 9 is really funny and worth watching. Sam and Dean and Cas and even Crowley, I miss you!
  4. And lastly: I love those boxes of goodies they deliver at your doorstep (for a fee, OF COURSE). I especially love those from Quarterly. Now another one pops up and this time it’s for men. Check out Man Crates. I think it’s cool that they have the “shop by personality” option there. Survivalist, Gamer, Carnivore… Look! There’s even Beer Lover! Oh wow… I think I’m falling in love with their Retro Gamer crate. What can I say? This Man Crates apparently brings out the man in me. Hehe.

With all these said… Have a fun and happy weekend, people!


2 thoughts on “Because It’s Friday

  1. Oh man, American Horror Story! I really liked the first season because it was weird and fun, but asylum was gross and some scenes I couldn’t handle. The same with coven. Some of the scenes with the torture of the slaves were too much for me. I hope freak show isn’t gross and is more lighthearted like the first season.

    I can’t wait for Supernatural to come back! Love that show!


    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks “Asylum” was a bit too gory compared to the first season. I haven’t watched “Coven” yet and I was hoping it would’ve toned down on gore/torture. Thanks for the heads up! πŸ™‚ Here’s to hoping “Freak Show” is actually more focused on the story and not put too much weight on morbid scenes.”Supernatural” is my number one favorite show! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to start watching the tenth season.


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