Did Anyone Say Sunday?


I had just woken up, my mind still foggy from being in that strange place where half of yourself is still drifting somewhere along dreamland. I stood up, squinting as I looked out my bedroom window. The sky was mostly dark but not without the streaks of pink and orange. I sluggishly grabbed my phone and looked at the time. 5:14 AM. I wanted to go back to bed but my mind, now quite awake, was in no mood to cooperate. Grudgingly, I sat up and started my Sunday. I figured I could always just go back to sleep after breakfast.

Make no mistake: I am not a morning person. Never was, never will be. If I get up early in the morning for you, you must be pretty damn special. In fact, here’s what I probably looked like when I found out earlier today what time it was:


Minutes later, I found myself scouring the fridge because, you know, I was hungry. I may have had only five hours’ worth of sleep but my stomach feels like it hadn’t been fed FOR AGES. I scoured and decided I wanted — I really wanted — scrambled eggs and crackers for breakfast. Only to realize that:

  1. There are no eggs.
  2. I don’t really cook, not even eggs. Don’t judge.

Having come to terms with those, I grabbed some cheap cream-flavored biscuits and water. A few minutes after that, I unwrapped two lychee-flavored candies. (Sidenote: Lychees are awesome.) Now is a good time to point out that if I were to live alone, it would be a good thing for me to stock up on bread, peanut butter, cereals, chocolates, chips, chocolate drink, and all those healthy food.


I have always believed that there is a moral to every story. While today is not actually a story (more of a vignette, perhaps), I’m still going to stick with having a takeaway. And today’s lesson is this: Do not wake up during dawn. Actually, just don’t wake up until breakfast is served on the table. Or just don’t forget to do your groceries like a good girl.


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