Saturday Night Frights: The Best 5 Horror Stories from Saya

What makes a horror story downright creepy? What makes it stick to your mind so much that you bring it with you until you snuggle under the covers, thinking that every bump and thump in the night is something paranormal? But let’s not go into that right now. Instead, why don’t we just jump right in to the terrifying, the creepy, the horrifying?

The last time I have presented something related to horror, it was in the form of movies and Japanese comics. Today, I’m going to share the scariest five stories from one of my favorite horror blogs, Saya in Underworld. Saya’s blog posts are mostly scary, sometimes cryptic and always creepy. She has looked around and gathered a collection of haunting stories, translating them from Japanese to English. Here are the stories that made my list:

The Murderous Intent

A guy receives a hysterical call from his girlfriend. As he frantically arrives in her apartment complex, he is greeted immediately by his girlfriend… Or is it really his girlfriend?

The Impossible Game

You and your friends are stranded inside a cabin in the middle of a snowstorm. Not one of you wants to risk falling asleep, afraid to never wake up. So what do you do? Play a game to keep you awake. And you do. But that game has a catch…

The secret behind the “Have you got the ability to see ghost?” ritual

Saya’s blog is famous for cryptic stories and cursed videos. Her blog is also known for posting about rituals that would intrigue those with the penchant for eerie, dark stuff. If you are one of those people just dying to know if they can see ghosts or spirits, this one post is especially for you. Warning: Read it at your own risk.

Please Tell Me the Way

A strange woman asks you a question. Do you stop and answer her? Do you ignore her? Whatever you decide to do, make sure you don’t go home alone after that encounter.

The Children Upstairs

When one man decides to give his leftover pizza to his upstairs neighbors, something felt off. What it was, he didn’t know. When it finally dawned on him, what that wrong thing was, he started to run as fast as he can. Read this story and find out what made him run and what was wrong in the first place.


7 thoughts on “Saturday Night Frights: The Best 5 Horror Stories from Saya

    1. Oh, you should definitely check those stories out. Most of them are quite short but they ARE really creepy. My favorite is “The Children Upstairs” because it slowly builds up and then… BAM! It’s a good scary read.


  1. Oh, I love stuff like this, though it’s 3 am at the moment so I’m thoroughly creeped out. Thank you for sharing. I’ve favorited her blog for future scares.


    1. Oh…. 3 AM and reading something scary… Yeah, I’ll be creeped out, too. Lol. Good thing you bookmarked her! She has really great horror stuff in her blog. Enjoy! πŸ™‚


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