Writing Fiction: Wherein I Dress Up My Characters (Thank You, Polyvore!)

As I have said before, I am joining NaNoWriMo again this year. Hopefully, I don’t bomb it like last year. While I am still waving the Pantser banner high and proud (read: Plot not 100% there.), I did take some time to sit myself down and make it a point to get to know my main characters a little more. I have been toying with the (rough) plot in my head for quite some time now and it has been fun getting to know the protagonist and her ward. (There goes a hint!) And all thanks to the internet, coming up with a character profile no longer has to be just lists. I love lists but let’s face it: I’d rather indulge in images that represent them in colored glory. To put some fun in that part of my pre-NaNoWriMo process, I decided to use Polyvore and put together a set of clothes for each of the two main characters.

Hunting around for pieces of clothing and items that best represent them was a challenging task but it was time well spent. I wanted people to take one look at those set of clothes and immediately give them an idea of who and what the characters are about (at least from a broad perspective). For my female protagonist, someone who we can call Alex, this is what I had put together:


What adjectives popped in your head when you saw the image? Or how would you picture Alex? What kind of girl is she?

The next set of clothes and items are for my other protagonist, Jason. Here’s his own set:


What can you say about Jason based on the image above? What do you think are his likes and dislikes? His hobbies?

The goal of this exercise is to at least give me a visual idea of what my characters are like. I have them all in my head: The words they choose when they speak, their non-verbal cues, their habits and mannerisms, etc. It’s just nice to have this graphic representation. It helps me catch a glimpse of who they are. And it’s fun. I can never emphasize on that: Have fun while creating your characters. Heck, you can even do something similar when creating your world!

What things have you been doing to help you prepare for your own novel come November?


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