Post-Halloween, Early November

And with November comes the promise of some rainfall, a couple of brisk nights and the word count of 50,000 by the time the 30th arrives.

Halloween is over and now I can give way for the Christmas cheer. But… Yes, there’s a but coming. Didn’t you know? This post is all about “buts.”

But I am dying to share what I have watched last night (a local show in news magazine format) because it talked about paranormal entities such as a dark figure as short as a kid but with blazing red eyes, a Balete tree that houses a white lady and other spirits AND shares some space where the bodies of murder victims are placed. It was a good post-Halloween watch because it was creepy enough. With that said, on to a quick “but” list:

I am a couple of hundreds of words short for my third day in NaNoWriMo but I am hoping to catch up before today ends.

I like my bathroom neat and clean. Also, it should smell nice all the time. But how can one bathroom (especially a shared one) come off smelling divine all the time, as if its toilet was never ever used for number two? Enter Marie Antoinette, Beethoven and Sherlock. Any of these three (or all of them) are going straight to my Christmas Wishlist. (I only hope they smell as good as they look.) Here, look at these gorgeous things:




I love broccoli and I love pasta but I don’t cook. So when I came across this recipe in ABM, I did the most logical thing (in line with my pathetic cooking skill): I suggested to my mom that we include this in our Christmas or New Year dinner. She said yes, I said YAY!

It’s no longer Halloween but this story really had me recoiling. It was a creepy good read.

A white Christmas is awesome but I think this white apartment is something I’d have any time, any day. For a lifetime.



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