Beat the Blues with a Broomstick: Go-to Things for a Quick Pick-Me-Up

Things fall apart. Daily decisions are not always made with great care. The bills are piling up. You stub your toenail and now it’s dead. You wish to sleep five minutes more but that will make you late. From the mundane to the major, we encounter things we don’t like. Things we are better off without. If only it was easy to steer clear of these things, but it’s not. Now I ask youΒ  this: What do you do when an unfavorable incident happens? Do you deal with it right away or stall as much time as you can before taking action?

I try to avoid conflicts as much as I can, be it an incident that is way out of my control or a person who is difficult to handle. I make room for adjustments and tolerate things and people along the way because I can. I have the patience, I have the time. But what about when I feel like I have had enough, that I just want a break from it all? Ah. Now here lies the heart of this post: The never fail, go-to things that I rely on when life gets too much.

Right now, things in life are steady. Thank God! *knock on wood* There is little to complain about the tasks and projects in the office, my family is still crazy and loud and silly, my writing for NaNoWriMo is surprisingly going well (I caught up with my word count. Yay!), and there are holiday sales nearly EVERYWHERE. Make no mistake: There are still problems. Those never go away, we all know that. Which is why right now, I am looking into these things to help cheer me up and alleviate those damn blues from time to time:

1. For the love of my sense of smell — Scented candles! This one from Pottery Barn, called Snow Currant, is perfect for the Christmas season. “Warm and spicy scent.” Now THAT’S something I would love to come home to. I’d wrap it around myself or bathe in it if I can.


2. Still rambling about scents: I’m loving this newly bought fragrance mist from Bath and Body Works, Dark Kiss. It smells delicious and sexy but does not come off too strong. I really love this! (Click on the “Dark Kiss” link to know about its notes.)

“Our exclusive Dark Kiss is a seductive blend of dark berries with a kiss of vanilla to unleash your most primal passions.”


3. Watch a film — or two, in this case. “Mortdecai” starring Johnny Depp looks amusing and hilarious. “Pitch Perfect 2” still seems funny and interesting. These are definitely in my “must watch” list.

4. And what am I without a horror film to look forward to? “Insidious Chapter 3” deserves its own spot in this list.

5. Lastly, chocolates. I’m a chocoholic (but no nuts and fruits, please). These gifs depict my love affair with chocolates:



What’s YOUR favorite go-to things when you need a quick pick-me-up?

* gifs source: Reaction Gifs


2 thoughts on “Beat the Blues with a Broomstick: Go-to Things for a Quick Pick-Me-Up

  1. I absolutely love this!! Candles are the best! I have one that smells like a fireside and it’s my favorite! It’s from WoodWick, so it actually makes a crackling sound! Soooo excited for Pitch Perfect 2! Chocolate is always a good idea!


  2. Hi there, Sara! πŸ™‚ So glad you stopped by my blog. Yeah, scented candles are the best. My favorite is anything with vanilla in it. But the one you mentioned sounds really, really good. It sounds all snuggle and comfortable and all things good. Plus points for the crackling sound! πŸ˜€ I’m looking forward to “Pitch Perfect 2” as well. Makes me wonder what songs they’ll pick for their pieces. Chocolates, like coffee, helps keep insanity at bay. Lol.


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