ALT: The Obligatory Wishlist, Home Edition

Where did November go? I could swear that one moment I was furiously writing, trying to catch up on my NaNoWriMo entry. (I bombed, by the way. But that is for another post.) So I was writing the next moment, I blinked and then oh! There you are, December! What a sneaky little bastard you are. But I still love you.

A friend of mine (Hi, Ryan!) mentioned to me that from where he lives (somewhere in the UK), mulled wine is the most Christmassy drink. I thought about that. What is the most Christmassy drink we have this side of the world? Aside from Starbucks’ usual holiday drinks of Peppermint Mocha (which I absolutely love), Christmas Cookie and Toffee Nut, I don’t think we have something more than that. Unless… Does the hot chocolate my mom comes up with every Christmas dinner count? πŸ˜€

Christmas season has now barreled through in the form of cheerful songs, festive decorations, parties thrown left and right, more cheerful songs, even more parties, and a colder shift in the air. In the blogosphere, it also means that Christmas wishlist posts are popping up. It’s a fun topic and I have always loved seeing what other bloggers have put together for their own wishlist. You guys, I get the shivery (the good kind) Christmassy feels all over again every time I come across those posts. In celebration of the holiday wishlist cheer, here is my very own:


1. Crate and Barrel Magioni Jug

2. Where Candy is Medicine alarm clock

3. L’Occitane “Almond Delicious” Hand Cream

4. Vera Wang Wedgwood Simplicity Mug

5. H&M metal basket

6. Serious Notebook design by Wild & Wolf

(P.S. I know I have a lot more on my list to share with you. Some books, a couple of clothes, a few accessories. I think I’ll post those soon.)


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