ALT: On Relocating — Stuff I Wish I’ll Have On My New(ish) Work Desk


We all know how hectic December can be and the one this year is no exception. Add to the frenzied list an office relocation and boom! December just got a bit more crazier. Although our relocation is within the same area and it’s just on the other side, a move is still a move. Truth be told, I’m pretty excited about it. What will our office look like? What will the pantry/canteen look like? What will my desk look like?

AH. The work desk. Mine. The one I have right now is pretty… much the usual — computer, headset, keyboard, mouse, an Avaya phone (for all those calls that made it ring, only to find out that the callers on the other end dialed the wrong number. HAHA!). I only added a whiteboard calendar and a medium sized desk calendar. Aside from those two items, I have no other decorations. I’m hoping that in our new office, I’ll be able to add a couple more. I’ll start with the necessary items. (Sshh… Timing is everything when I plan to sneak in the really awesome ones like Funko’s Sam and Dean, as well as Mulder and Scully. Yeah, really good geeky stuff to have at your workspace, those four.)

For now, here’s the brief list that I think the new premises will nod to with a resounding yes:

1. Scented oil diffuser

I love scented candles but because I can’t bring one to the office, the oil diffuser is the best alternative. This one, called Pomegranate Spice, from Pottery Barn seems like a great way to have an added oomph! to my workspace. Never, ever underestimate aromatherapy.

2. Desk calendar

This is a fool-proof way for reminders on deadlines and meetings. It wouldn’t hurt to have a desk calendar that is as pretty as it is functional. This colorful and wonderful calendar from Blush Face has different words of “BE” for each month, such as “BE adventurous”, “BE creative” and “BE inspired.” One look at it and I fell in love.

3. Clipboard

For those times when I need something more in-your-face to remind me of certain things, be it random or inspirational or work-related. I have read some posts about the different ways that different people use clipboards. It’s a good thing to not limit this little piece of office item to simply hold a memo. Sometimes, a good print such as this one and this one can make a clipboard look much more beautiful and inspiring to look at.

4. Container

I usually just stash pens and highlighters in my pedestal. One visit at Muji and I am now convinced: Pens, highlighters, whiteboard markers, et cetera? Those belong inside their Acrylic Pen Pot. Yes, it does come with a lid and if you also get a kick out of items meant for storing and organizing your stuff, then you’d understand how I feel about this simple yet lovely container.

BONUS: A list notebook.

This is for those times when aesthetics play a crucial part in making your to-do list seem appealing.



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