This is the Story of… Someone

Whenever I am hooked on a song, I usually don’t think much of the reasons why. After all, I have other things to keep my brain cells busy. I’m not going to spend time and effort analyzing my own self. unless the situation calls for it. But then “Blank Space” happened and before I knew it, there was a tale to tell.

You know those times in the past when you start dating someone new? All was fun and everything was great. You even thought rain was romantic when you used to think that the only things rain represented were gloominess and (ugh!) wet feet. So you meet that special someone and go through the usual “getting to know you” stage. You date, you flirt, you go to places, you share memories and things and laughter, you form a bond, and then… Wait. Where did it all go? It all went to The End part of a story, like it sometimes does. That’s when you cry (in the safe privacy of your bedroom or in the shower or in the middle of your office’s pantry), you want to throw things around (including that keyboard in front of you), you want to do just about anything to bring him back or forget every memory you have of him, of you and him together, then you cry some more (please don’t do this in the middle of your office’s pantry — just don’t)… You get the idea. We’ve all been there before: the cycle of a relationship.

And THAT, my dear readers, is what this post is about. Well, sort of. Actually, I think it’s just an excuse to post more Taylor Swift stuff here. But I’ll be damned if you can’t relate to even one quote from what I have posted here. Without further ado, here is The Tale to Tell:

Some habits are just hard to kick out of your system. Like hitting snooze and then sleeping for five minutes more when your alarm clock screams. Like saying “yes” to every chocolate offered to you even if you already have a sore throat. Like gravitating toward the so-called bad guys, even though you knew right from the start what kind of news they bring.


Which leads you to thinking (stupidly so) that you have that much power, charm and influence over this one guy. So you go on right ahead when it comes to him — no stopping, no second-guessing, no ifs and buts. Life is good with him around.


And it doesn’t hurt that…


And because all is going so, so well you throw all caution to the wind. Any and all warning signs be damned. You’re there. He’s there. It’s a great story in the making.


But just like every other time, it ends. Does it come crashing to the ground or does it die with that rare breed of grace and subtlety? At that moment, do you even care? It’s over. Tout bien ou rien.


But life doesn’t stop with one good bye. And that is a good thing. A VERY good thing. Happy holidays, everyone! 🙂

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