A Love Letter, Sort of

Dear Bones...

Dear Bones...

Dear Bones,

Of course I’m not talking about the show. And of course that really isn’t your name. And you’re not a cat, either.Β  As cute as that cat image is (points above), I’m sorry but that isn’t you. The cat is cute and you. You’re plain good-looking. Then again, that’s beside the point. The point is this: You beat me over and over again, both in Scrabble and in Two Dots. And what’s worse, I thought I was good at both. You crushed my ego yet at that same time, you gave me hope. Hope that my taste in men is not beyond dismal. Hope that a guy can still be obsessed about basketball AND can also play a decent game of Scrabble. *pause* Okay, so it wasn’t decent. You totally crushed me and left me behind by a hundred or so points. I’m still choking on your dust. I think that’s when my wonderment of you moved up a bit further. (My wonderment is deeply rooted to how you’re good at Scrabble, not the dust. Just to clarify: I never did like dust.)

That was years ago, that bittersweet moment of engaging in mental combat with you. I have pretty much gotten over the fact that I lost to you in Scrabble. Thanks to all those years. (Four years? Three?) Now my fixation is firmly fixed on an app in my phone called Two Dots. It’s an enjoyable game. Is it geeky? Yes. But is it good? Oh, my… YES. So there I was, playing that game and all was well until. UNTIL.

(Didn’t they say that history repeats itself?)

Until I connected my Two Dots account to Facebook, and lo and behold. Who else would show up in the top spot but you? You beat me yet again in nearly all of the levels. Again, I was torn between delight (I wanted to hug you. Aren’t you brainy and good-looking at the same time! Such a fine creature!) and frustration (I wanted to shake you until your teeth clicked and clacked and just fell off your porcelain face.). That one level where the fires rapidly eat up the dots and spread… Holy smokes. How’d you get a high score on that?

As I advance on each level, slowly but surely, I keep seeing your name in its Olympic-style awards. You get most of the gold. I get most of the silver. Why does it feel like I am forever one step (or a hundred, if you want to know the truth) behind you? But you just keep on collecting those gold, Bones. And I’ll keep getting amazed and delighted and frustrated and then back to being amazed again. Don’t ever change your love for mentally stimulating games.

Anna banana


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