The Top 5 Apps I Use for Blogging


I prefer blogging from my desktop PC. I’m a creature of habit (and I suspect a mild case of OCD) and I don’t change what works for me. I mean, why fix what ain’t broken, right? But nowadays, with sudden personal errands and all the other things stuffed in between non-working hours, I find that I needed to break away from that particular habit from time to time. Case in point: When I’m lounging around on my bed, immersed in a book or Two Dots, a blog post idea suddenly comes barging in, loud and unannounced. Of course I’m not going to drag myself out of my bed, turn on my desktop PC and blog away. I want to stay exactly where I am. To compromise this traumatic dilemma, I let out a deep, huge sigh and pull up an app or two here and then fire away. All thoughts and ideas break loose and a couple of minutes later… Hello, brand spankin’ new blog post!

I use an Android phone but I think the apps I’m about to mention have their iOS versions. To spare you from further ramblings and mumblings, here are my go-to apps for blogging using my Android phone. They are in no way chronologically ordered.

M-W Dictionary (iOS version)

Words are my friends. And I have fun with them. Every time I run across a word I am not familiar with, it’s very, very easy to know what it means right away, thanks to this handy app. Now I no longer have an excuse to not know a word’s meaning and pronunciation. And because you read this post: You no longer have an excuse, either.

Pocket (iOS version)

Ah, the mother of the hunting and gathering tool when it comes to pooling content for your blog. Half the time, I use this app to bookmark articles I’d like to come back to later for the sake of my brain cells, as they need to be fed lest they shrivel up and die a sorry death because, you know, no brain food. That’s a horrible way to go. *shudder*

WordPress (iOS version)

But of course. I have tried various blog platforms through the years and I keep coming back to WordPress. I admit it: I’m a fangirl of this CMS. WordPress makes publishing easy and convenient. I find its interface rather intuitive, too.

JotterPad (Writer) (iOS alternatives)

This is the first app I pull up when I get inspired to start writing, whether it’s just a spark of an idea or a couple of sentences that would eventually snowball into one whole post. The interface is slick and quite easy to use. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you get to choose and even create your own “look” for your document.

Todoist (iOS version)

I need an app to remind me of things. I need that app badly because sometimes, I space out and tend to forget things. Todoist helps me with that. What I do is list down the various things I need to do (complete with due dates and color coding) and then display its widget in one of my home screens. I get a notification for all the items in my to-dos that haven’t been done/ticked off yet. Really helpful, since this makes sure nothing is overlooked in the middle of all the insanities and confusion on day-to-day tasks and projects and personal errands. Whew!

And there you have it, folks. The apps I use for my blogging stint. I also use different photo editing apps for the images that accompany some of my blog posts, like this one here for the Dear Bones post and also this one for my post about my jaw dropping to the ground because a (local) celebrity just took off his shirt in front of me. (You can’t not post about that, amirite?) Maybe someday, I’ll create a separate post for the image editing / camera apps I use. For now, you can take a look at my Instagram account to catch a glimpse of the


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