It’s JUST Anemia *insert eye roll*


Apparently, the “just” part is never just that. Are you confused already? Let me backtrack…

For the past three weeks, I have never completed my work week. That’s frustrating and, okay, at some level it felt wrong. Like I’m supposed to be somewhere else, darn it. Not at home or in the hospital. I don’t really want to bore you with the details so here’s what had transpired the last three weeks: Migraine and dizziness happened more than usual. That tired, heavy feeling did not go away even if I had a complete eight hours’ worth of sleep. More migraine attacks. I was so pale I didn’t think there wasn’t anyone left who did not notice that. In fact, three groups of vampires had approached me and begged me to join them. I flat out said no and told them that even if I were undead, I’d still refuse and they’d have to thank “Twilight” for that.

I finally decided to check in with a doctor because I felt like crap and, to be honest, I also needed a medical certificate for when I get back to work. So I went and told the doctor how I felt. I even threw in my paranoia fear of possibly having something wrong with my throat. So two lab tests were ordered and days later the results came out and TA-DAAA! I have no problems with my throat. Although my red blood count is quite low, there’s a valve in my heart that does not close properly and there’s a bit of water that should have no business being there in the first place. My heart is so bad ass it dared defy the rules of what a normal, healthy heart should be.

The doctor (a new one, a cardiologist) wanted me to do more lab tests. He wants to know what is causing my anemia. (And I am all for it because I heard that’s what’s possibly causing those awful migraine attacks and embarrassing stumbling on my own two feet.) This Saturday, I am back for another sacrificial blood-letting blood test. Plus, you know what sucks? Starting today until Saturday morning, I am not allowed to eat any red meat nor take my iron supplement. Nothing is sacred in this world anymore! NOTHING.

Just between you and me: Why all this fuss over a leaky heart and anemia? I’m taking my cue from my younger brother, who in his usual flair for the quick and the witty, gave this parting remark before leaving us last Sunday (or was it Saturday?) after our family’s impromptu get-together: “Don’t die on us anytime soon.” HA! As if I’d just collapse right then and there without a shred of dignity? No, thank you. I still have a zine to create, a self-hosted WordPress blog to run and tons of chocolates and pastas and Mexican food to eat.


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