March Madness


(Yep, I have been busy with both work and other personal… stuff.)

March is nearing to drawing its curtains closed and what can I say except, ‘What the hell, March?!” It has been both fun and tiring (emotionally and physically) and in retrospect, that is a good thing. I think that if there are any lessons to be learned from this month, these take the top spots:

  1. I really need to exercise. (I plan on taking yoga classes by next month. We’ll see how that goes.)
  2. Also, I really need to cut down on coffee. I tried swearing it off for about a week. A WEEK. Seven days. NO COFFEE. AT ALL. Do you know how hard that is? I had to cry myself to sleep until I drifted off and dreamed of refillable coffee while I sat inside a quaint coffeehouse, pounding away on an Underwood typewriter. (Yeah, typewriter. I’m such a throwback.)
  3. I should get back to writing two of the stories I had dropped this month because, well, March madness. Need I say more?
  4. I need a good, long vacation. A real one, not days spent out of work because you were sick. That does not count as a vacation. (Doesn’t everyone need a vacation? Unless, of course, you belong to the world of Serena van der Woodsen.)

I’m hoping April would be less stressful and a lot softer than March was. Please be adorable, April. Please.

P.S. Stay tuned for a fandom post next. That one will probably be posted Wednesday or Thursday. I’m not sure if everyone has heard of it. “It” being the podcast “Welcome to Night Vale.” I have been close to obsessed with that series and have fallen in love with Cecil Palmer and the oddity that is Night Vale. Terrifying as that town may be, it still has its quirks that makes it awe inducing.


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