High School Uniforms: I Wish, I Wish

They say high school is tough but that it’s going to be the best years of your life. Better than college, even. With that said, I think it’s time I stock up on memory enhancing supplements because looking back, it’s as if my high school days = one giant blur of vignettes. However, I do remember the friends I’ve made, the classes I have dreaded (Algebra and Speech classes, I am looking at you), the (few) clubs I have tried to participate in, the Creative Writing elective I have chosen during my Junior and Senior years, AND who could forget the stereotyping that high school is notoriously known for?

Like I have said before, I went to an all-girls Catholic private school where we had to wear this ruffly white blouse and blue jumpskirt five days a week. Once, during an assembly, our principal (or was it the Dean of Discipline? I forget.) nearly hit the ceiling due to an article written in a national newspaper. I remember that article well: It was about a writer/fashion designer’s proposed designs to re-vamp school uniforms, our school included. Our principal (or was it Dean of Discipline?) was not happy about it, since the proposal was something similar to a pair of navy blue culottes, white polo shirt and a matching navy blue blazer. In my mind, while I was no fashion guru, that set looked GOOD. The principal (or it could have been the Dean of Discipline, I told you my memory is getting muddy at some areas) thought so otherwise. She thought that the suggested uniform for our school depicted that we, the students, were unfit to be wearing jumpskirts because we are rough and unlady-like. We girls may like to goof around and think it’s hilarious to sometimes snatch and pull up each other’s skirts, for the sole purpose that we find it funny to show to the rest of the student body said person’s underwear. But that could hardly be classified as “rough”, right? As for the “unlady-like” part… Well, isn’t that what our Personal Development classes are for? Balance a book on the head while walking, daintily walk down those steps wearing high heels as the rest of the class watched you (and you nervously try not to stumble and make an ass out of yourself in front of everybody), know which fork and spoon to use during a fancy dinner, et cetera, et cetera. I really, really liked the proposed school uniform, though, which looked something like this:


I forgot to add the slouched white socks but you get the idea. (The lacy, frilly ones are strictly for the elementary kids.)

If only we were allowed much more freedom with our uniforms, there is no doubt going to school would have been more fun.




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