Reading and Thinking, Then Some More Reading and Thinking.


“Today you will choose your factions. Until this point you have followed your parents’ paths, your parents’ rules. Today you will find your own path, make your own rules.”

I have been reading books one and two of the “Divergent” series. I honestly never thought I would love it this much when I was just starting out, looking for something new to read. And YA is what I don’t usually read. One of the things that struck me the most of the “Divergent” series is how it grapples with the question, “What is bravery, really?”

I wish I was tough. I wish I could lie to myself and tell that person staring back at me in the mirror that I am tough. But I know I am not. I know my limits and I acknowledge and accept them. Am I happy with myself? I think “content” is a far more fitting word. When you’re content with what you have, then there is more room and patience for tolerating and accommodating all the things — both good and bad — that get thrown in your way. At least, that’s what I think. But then again, I ask myself, “How far will you go to keep accommodating most things and people around you, to the point that you forget yourself?” I mean, surely we all have breaking points.

(Side note: I know I haven’t been posting the past two weeks. That’s awful of me but there was so much to go through back then, healthwise. I initially started this post about what happened but my love for the “Divergent” series outweighed my own personal experience with getting confined in the hospital for four days.)


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