It’s funny but they tell me it’s not


I walked into the emergency room on a Sunday evening, confident that I will leave there in an hour or two, at the most. After all, I had plans with my mom, which involved hanging out at the milk tea place right across the hospital. The nurses took my ECG and CBC (Complete Blood Count). I waited in one of the beds they have there, my mom busy with her mobile phone and I busy trying not to jump off the bed and just go home. I don’t really like hospitals, especially the emergency room. They represent something to me that I am scared of: Death, accidents, the sounds of the beeping machines that seem to scream that life is fragile. I already know that and I don’t need such… in-your-face reminders.

Two hours passed, pockets of time that seemed swift one moment and then slow the next. The doctor who attended to me when we first walked in drew the lime green curtains back, a clipboard in hand. He informed me that my hemoglobin level is low (79 g/l) and that blood transfusion is required the soonest time possible. I had to laugh under my breath for no apparent reason, except maybe for irony. Just a month ago, that 79 was an 80. Apart from my constant headaches and moments of feeling dizzy and lightheaded, I felt fine. Sure, I looked like death had warmed me over, what with my pale complexion and my lips nearly losing its color but people with anemia… We all look like that at some point in our lives, right? I asked the doctor and the nurses if it was really that necessary to keep me here for a blood transfusion. I don’t want to spend the night here in the hospital. And I have work the next day. I’m feeling fine, nothing that a good night’s sleep can’t remedy.

So much for my power of persuasion. I spent the next three nights stuck in the hospital, being poked with needles for more blood samples. Also, that IV catheter is no fun. And so is that bag of  sucrose they gave me. That made the vein in my hand hurt. I had to request the nurses to have the IV catheter transferred to my left hand because the ache and pain wouldn’t go away even after a couple of hours.

Come fourth day and my doctors finally gave me the go signal to leave the hospital. After that sucrose treatment and two bags of blood for the transfusion, my hemoglobin finally improved. From 79 g/l to 95 g/l. The normal range is 120 at the least, I think. That said, I was asked to come back after two weeks for another round of blood testing. We’ll see from there.

And that, folks, is the reason why I haven’t been posting for quite some time. I now no longer resemble the undead and my dizzy spells have not been happening as much as before. Hopefully, I am not just in denial and that the blood test this weekend will come back with something good.

Tangent: I just wrote a song! (You know I’m kidding, right? But the result was hilarious. I thought I might as well share it with you. Please sing along to it as you read the lyrics. Thank you very much.)


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