Call All the Sheep and Then Stay Asleep


I will close my eyes and count to ten. If that doesn’t work, I’ll count sheep instead.

Nowadays, I don’t really have trouble falling asleep. It’s the staying asleep that’s tricky. But I have started writing a lot again the past few days, so I think there goes at least one good thing. Sometimes I wonder where all this writing is going, what my goal really is and I realize it’s this: Just write. Let it all out. All these stories and plot twists that have been swimming in my head just need to be shaped with words and strung in sentences. Some of them are stored in the computer but most are written longhand in different notebooks. (I know. NOTEBOOKS. In this day and age. I am such a throwback sometimes.) I’m not sure if I have enough guts to type them and then put them somewhere in the internet. But where? Here in WordPress? Wattpad? My Facebook page? Suggestions are most welcome and I’d be grateful if you do suggest something. I have written short proses and a couple of poems at my other blog but never the makings of a novel, if not a short story. Those stay in my notebooks, left only for my eyes to read. I keep thinking maybe it’s time to put it out there. *pause* Maybe. I’m not making any promises.

Tangent: I haven’t had coffee for three weeks now. Today, I think I’m going to go ahead and buckle. Order a caramel frappuccino in Starbucks, maybe. I haven’t had that in a while.


3 thoughts on “Call All the Sheep and Then Stay Asleep

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Rommel! πŸ™‚ That looks like a lot of fun but I’m not really sure if my pieces are good enough for THAT kind of publishing. Lol. I may need to gather more courage to send an entry.


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