I’m a Bookstore Kind of Girl, Plus Some Brief (Really Brief) Thoughts on Writing


I could literally get lost in a bookstore and I would love every minute of it. Sometimes, during lunch at work, I go there and just browse various items — novels, magazines, notebooks, and more novels. Lately I’ve been wanting to get a copy of “The Haunting of Sunshine Girl.” However, that would have to wait because I just recently bought a couple of books and buying another (a hardbound one, too!) would put a dent in my budget. So I squashed the urge to grab a copy off the shelf when I visited the bookstore earlier today. Instead, I bought a yellow project paper. I know I’ll write on it but the “what” part is still murky. I was thinking something non-fiction, like an essay. Or maybe I could experiment with my current story and then just write about one scene related to it at 300 to 500 words.


I have yet to purchase a typewriter so I’m sticking to writing longhand, which I prefer over typing in the computer. (I know. That’s kind of odd.)

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I have recently been more prolific in posting here compared to before. While that’s a good thing, I still worry. And then I mull over it. Why am I writing/posting so regularly now? Is my writing good enough? Am I just hurling frail, tasteless words into thin air? I’m worried and frightened at that train of thought. It’s silly but I am.


I have finished reading some of the free e-books I got from Betty Book FREAK. I’m thinking of writing something about those e-books, but in a different format. I have finished five out of nine. I recently downloaded three more horror. My Kindle collection will not be complete without some horror thrown in it.


Sidenote: I want to say THANK YOU to Curiously Commonplacing for including me as one of her eleven nominees for the Liebster Award. I will post about it soon, next week at the latest, so waiting a year is not an option. (Haha.)

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