The Top 5 Lies I Tell Myself


We have all been there. Those times we tell ourselves we’re going to do something but deep in our hearts, if we pause long enough, we know we’re bound to break those promises. I’m not talking about life-altering, earth-shattering promises, though. It’s the little ones that we tell ourselves (in front of the mirror, if need be) in the heat of the moment. (Case in point: Seeing this photo of one of my favorite celebrities made me want to try yoga AND circuit training. *pause* Yeah, neither ever happened. As expected.) So here’s a list, on top of my head, of those lies that I find telling myself often enough that I almost believe them. Almost.

1. I’m going to stop drinking coffee starting tomorrow.

coffee_DariaFor a while there (nearly a month), I had my own self fooled. I swapped coffee with plain water and sometimes, coconut juice. But I buckled one weekend and thought, “Oh, hell. Screw it. I’m drinking coffee.” And there started my fall from grace.

2. I’ll go jogging this weekend.

joggin_ann_parksandrecreationFor the sake of a better health, I promised this to myself. But for the sake of my sanity, I ended up not doing it. The weather here has been scorching hot, so I have been sweating lately by just either walking around or even sitting down on a chair while reading. The universe is siding with me, for once.

3. I’ll just wake up earlier tomorrow.

sunriseMy second most-used lie. I tell this lie to myself served with iced coffee and a slice of cake, lulled into the illusory comfort that yes, I will wake up earlier the next day. I almost believe myself, until I wake up A LOT OF minutes later than the usual.

4. I will be sleeping early tonight.

sleep_girl_anime_cat_on_bedSure. Sure, I will. I’m lying on my bed, head propped on the pillows. Wait, wait, wait. I just need to finish this one level in “Diner Dash.” Oh, look. I have a new e-book. It’s something I could blog about. What’s that? A noise outside my window. Wow! A parade of flamingos and zebras and elephants, followed by a unicorn and a leprechaun. Who’s going to be sleeping early tonight, huh? Who?

5. Just five more minutes.

hand_lisa_kudrowThe lie I tell the most. Alarm clock goes off. Just five more minutes. My sister wanting to use the bathroom but I’m in there. Just five more minutes! I call out amidst soapsuds and daydreams. The bowl of water for our dogs needs to be refilled but I’m in the middle of writing. Just five more minutes. I’m supposed to be asleep at a certain hour because, you know, I need to wake up quite early for work the next day. Just five more minutes, I’m finishing a really, really good book.


Ah, the lies we tell ourselves just to get through the day.


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