The Reading Room: Supernatural Stories

the_reading_room I have been wanting to share with you some of the books I have read recently. (Here is a brief list.) Today, I picked my favorite three books that focus on the supernatural. They are all e-books and they were all free, thanks to Betty Book Freak. (Yay!) I’ll skip the blathering and let you dive right in to the heart of this post.


along_came_a_demon-linda_welch Tiff Banks can see the dead. And she can talk to them as well. When a neighbor of hers is found dead in the bathtub, she is suddenly involved in something more bizarre than usual. Said dead neighbor has suddenly appeared at her garden, asking for her help in finding her missing child. Reluctantly agreeing, Tiff sets out to find him, only to discover that there is no six year-old boy. The dead woman’s neighbors have no memory of the child. The apartment of the dead woman has no traces of anything that indicated it once housed a little boy. But the ghost is clear and adamant: Tiff must find her missing son. When she teams up with a detective and finally piece together the clues, she finds herself in the middle of something that is apparently bigger than the usual missing child case. As if that wasn’t enough to handle all by itself, Tiff discovers something about the detective. He may be smoking hot but definitely not human. THOUGHTS:Along Came A Demon” is a quick and fun book to read. I liked it a lot that the humor is thrown in all the right places. The pacing and the tension are all right, in the sense that it is steady and I don’t think there is a scene that ruined it for me. I was intrigued about the missing child, to be honest. That’s what propelled me to keep on reading. (Well, that and the sense of humor, which is not overly done. So no worries there.) When I got to the part where Tiff figured it all out, I was surprised (in a good way). It’s probably just me but I didn’t see that coming. All in all, I’d recommend this book if you are looking for something light and entertaining. Definitely worth reading.


pinehurst-nicole_grane Evie Hollyander is the typical rich, pampered princess type. When she is suddenly sent by her dad to a boarding school that focuses on training Mageians (children of magic), her typical teen-age life is cut short. Suddenly, she’s obligated to learn and perform spells, as well as take a P.E. class strictly for Slayers, which happens to be all-boys! But all is not too bad for Evie: There’s Antonio, the nineteen year-old Slayer who is assigned to train her. Then there’s also Roland, the handsome and popular guy that every girl in Pinehurst dreams of. As she struggles to adjust to her new life, Evie suddenly learns that her dad has been kidnapped and kept a prisoner in hell. Together with Antonio and an equally sassy pixie named Havoc, she travels to hell, determined to bring back her father. What waits for her there seems more than what she was trained for and more than what she had in mind. THOUGHTS: I wanted to broaden my reading list and since I haven’t really given much time to YA, I decided to give it another try. “Pinehurst” seemed like a good book to start reading one again. I’m not gonna lie: The first few paragraphs hooked me in. I like sass in my main characters. Evie has a quick wit and would not back down from a fight. I also liked the whole “boarding school for teen-agers with magic powers” setting. The adventures (misadventures, I should say) she’d gotten herself into and the discovery that she is actually powerful made the book an enjoyable read. Also, plus points for having good action scenes. What I didn’t like about the book was how whiny and petulant Evie is. It was funny the first few scenes but as the story progressed, I felt it was overly done. Aside from that, the book was another quick, fun read. Also? The ending! I love that surprising ending. It threw me off for about a second and then I just had to laugh out loud. It was great. It was awesome. (Now you really have to go read the book, don’t you?)


possess-ja_howell Harley Martin just wants a fresh start, a clean slate after having a nightmare of a relationship. She finds that escape in a small town. With a cheap apartment she managed to find and a bar she works in, Harley is starting to slowly put herself back together. But then she learns that the apartment she is living in used to belong to a tenant who killed himself. Soon, she is being haunted by strange and disturbing dreams. The mystery and supernatural occurrences seem to be connected to Nolan, the mysterious bar owner she befriends. The dreams won’t stop, the ghost won’t stop and Harley has a sinking feeling that Nolan plays a part in it. When she finds out, everything happens all at once, at the cost of her life. Of all the e-books I have read recently, “Possess” is my number one favorite. It’s creepy and every turn of the page keeps you guessing what will happen next. Why did Brody, the former tenant, kill himself? And what was it between Nolan and Brody’s (now dead) girlfriend? And most importantly: Just who, exactly, is Nolan? One minute he’s friendly and even sweet enough; the next, he’s closed off and guarded. The story is woven tight, so the pacing is great. I can’t recommend this enough. Curl up with it if you want to have a fast read of something creepy and you like ghosts and mystery.

That wraps up “The Reading Room” for this month. (Another brand-spankin’ new column. Yay!) Currently, here’s a list of what’s waiting for me in my Kindle:


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