ALT: For the Writer in You

Writing a novel is fun but for anyone who’s ever actually tried (and eventually succeeded), we all know what really goes on from point A to point Z (or beyond, if you’d like). All those late nights crafting lines tossed between your characters. And need I mention all those quantities of caffeine taken before, during and after writing? Some days, we sit on our desks and we wonder where we even get all the words and ideas that we managed to produce. Then there are those awful, awful days of staring blankly at the screen (or paper, if you’re a throwback like me and prefer writing longhand) for a good half hour.

Writer friends, fellow bloggers, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Okay?

I have just finished a story for the first time in years. (Fun fact: That previous one was a fan fiction. A horror fan fiction.) I was coming to the end of the story, trying to piece things together and at the same time trying to shove aside the insecurity nibbling away on my sanity. So I wrote and I wrote, trying to get back to writing daily (thanks to Chuck Wendig’s great advice) and just wanting to finish at least something I started. When I finally put my pen down, fingers stiff and aching, I couldn’t help the grin blooming on my face (and the grins that followed each time I glance at the notebook it was written in). It’s finally finished!


We all know that finishing a story is just another set of beginning. Amiright? So here’s a set of really helpful posts that will help you, whether you’re in the middle of writing a novel or just starting out. It’s all about dusting off those cobwebs and polishing your idea/novel. So here they are. Help yourselves and click away. 🙂

Well, I wish you all a happy start of another week! 🙂 Now don’t forget to write.

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