I Just Want to Say…

That there are couple of things keeping me busy in the sense that I am filling my non-work hours and days with these. September has just begun but I feel like the days are going by so swiftly. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? The answer varies, depending on my mood. (Haha!) For the meantime, here is a list of those 100% pure fun things I absolutely love. Warning: Most are geeky. With that warning already given, I just want to say…

… that Halloween is now around the corner.


Halloween is special to me. I don’t know why but none of my friends, as plenty as they are, wants to have a Halloween sleepover. I thought high school (or even college) was a prime time for that. Apparently, I thought wrong. And so I still carry on the hope that someday, I will have that sleepover. *pause* Complete with decorations (think black balloons, candles, horror movie marathon, black punch).

… that someone from my past has stepped in yet again, only to vanish (yet again) within the blink of an eye.


Yep. True story. Sometimes, I wonder if he was just a figment of my imagination.

… that I am really excited to grab a copy of “Sanctum.”


I have read book one, “Asylum“, and it was awesome. Creepy? Check. Unpredictable? Check. Interesting characters? Check. Also? The setting of the school, which used to be an asylum, is eerie enough. Can you imagine actually boarding there, knowing there are disturbances you can’t quite see and prove to others? I can but that’s not to say I actually want to be there.

… that I still have a book hangover, all thanks to the Mara Dyer trilogy.


That series is just plain crazy and unpredictable, with scary scenes. So yes, I do love it. It’s one of my favorite book series and I’m not even big on YA. At least the ending was good. (I can’t say the same for the Divergent series, though. And yet. AND YET that series remains one of my favorites.)

… I just finished season 10 of “Supernatural” and I cried during one of the scenes in the last episode, which I always do because each season ender of this show is a tear-jerker. No, let me rephrase that: It’s a gut-wrenching, tear inducing, soul ripping form of poetry.


I really thought Dean was so lost in the mark of Cain that he would do that to Sam. And just when I thought that this is it. Dean is no longer the Dean we have come to know and love for the past 10 seasons. After alternately dying for each other throughout the seasons, the brothers have finally come to that ugly point wherein one of them had to be sacrificed. And then enter Rowena, Crowley and Castiel working on banishing the mark from Dean. As these two scenes unfolded, I was torn between crying and laughing. What a season ender! And when I saw The Darkness coming in this one huge wave, with the Winchesters in Dean’s Impala… Whoa. Note to self: Start watching season 11.

… that I am still in the process of editing my first ever finished story (Is it weird if I refer to it as a novel?).


The reason is because the chapters are… scattered. Some are in the computer, some are in my notebook. Yes, I write my stories longhand most of the time. What can I say? I’m a throwback an old soul.

… that I bought a used book that has a Halloween theme and I cannot wait to read it later today.


The book is called “Halloweenland” by Al Sarrantonio. Basically, there is a bizarre carnival, an odd little girl, a detective, and a place called Orangefield where Halloween is never normal. Seems like a good enough plot. Let’s see if it’ll be a good read.

And that, folks, is all I have left to say.



5 thoughts on “I Just Want to Say…

  1. I’m super excited for Halloween as well! We have a neighborhood near us that goes all out with haunted houses that almost resemble something you’d see at an amusement park, and tons of candy! Is it socially acceptable if I dress up as a ghost or something just for the free candy?

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’


    1. You, too? A fellow Halloween fan! Yay! πŸ˜€ You’re lucky to be in that kind of neighborhood! I’d say go ahead and dress up just for the free candy. It’ll be fun to see your neighbors’ varying reactions when you ring their doorbell and see you standing there, dead serious about wanting a candy. Haha! πŸ˜€


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