ALT: The Latest Finds on All Things Horror

NaNoWriMo is fast approaching. All of us aspiring writers are well aware of that. I have been thinking what novel to write this time. A continuation of last year’s entry? Or something completely different? Before I drive myself nuts turning ideas over and over in my head, I decided to zero in on October first. Trust me. It’s the only way to stay sane for NaNoWriMo. When I am ready to brainstorm and plan (if you call listing down ten to fifteen items for a plot that), I will — with endless cups of coffee and numerous notebooks and pens and late nights. You get it: The whole shebang. But for now… for now I’d like to bring October to the spotlight for no other joyous reason that this:


It’s Halloween!!! *cue in excited shrieks and giggles* Okay, not right now but we are talking about October, yes? I haven’t done a horror-related post for quite some time now. Yes, I have been reading horror books but I want to go back to sharing all the great stuff that gives us that perfect heebie-jeebies that we horror lovers crave like, well, chocolates on Halloween. Amiright? And so without further ado, here’s my latest list on All Things Horror:

1. The story of her holding an orange.

This is a really creepy story my sister mentioned way back. Months and months later, I found the story on Reddit. I read the first part, then the second, then the next. What started out as plain weird suddenly started becoming more sinister and a hell lot creepier. Case in point:

I was very excited about going to America in few days and had trouble sleeping. My room had a beautiful balcony (I was on the third floor of a hotel). Since it was warm, I decided to sit in the chair on the balcony for a while. I walked out, sat down, and immediately regretted it.

“It is really time to come now.”

I nearly shit myself. I mean, it’s been a while since I last heard that voice, but something like that stays with you forever. I turned my head to the right, and Rose was standing on the fence of a balcony of the room next to mine. Mind you, not standing on the balcony, or sitting at the table, but standing on the fence. How she was balancing I don’t know. Balcony was at least 50 feet from the ground. And she was holding the orange.

Oh. Holy. Sh*t. You cannot imagine what that imagery did to me as I read that.

2. Henry Kane

Some movies you watch as a kid just stick with you forever and ever. Never mind that it was not exactly your choice. That is the case with Henry Kane, the cadaverous man who sang a religious song as he walked by Carol Anne’s house. I watched all scenes of him and he still creeps me out more than two decades later. *shudder*

3. Elisa Lam

No one really knows what happened to the 21 year-old Canadian student who stayed in the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California. This video talks about the different theories, ranging from the supernatural to the conspiracy. Here:

The mysterious death of Elisa Lam at the Cecil hotel in Los Angeles, is one of the most mysterious deaths of the 21st century. She was founded in a closed water tank on the roof of the hotel on the 19th of February 2013. To this day there is no definitive explanation for her death, with the LAPD calling it death by accidental drowning. Here are five theories on how she may have died and ended up in the tank. Drugs, suicide, murder, the Illuminati, demonic possession, the elevator ritual. What do you think?

If you plan on sleeping soundly tonight, don’t watch the video. Nope. Sail right on ahead to the next item in my list. I say this because, well, the video personally freaked me out. Maybe it’s just me, but now I can’t get inside an elevator without Elisa Lam’s case popping in my head.

4. Hotel mysteries that remain unsolved

In Stephen King’s short story, “1408“, his brief introduction about hotels was just perfect. Hotels are scary places. You never know what happened to that room you rented. You (usually) never know what went on inside those four walls. In this article, that sentiment is proved to be true.

5. American Horror Story: Hotel

They have finally given us teaser videos and the upcoming season looks like it’s going to be a creepy, grisly one! This article talks about how the show’s new season is similar to Stephen King’s “The Shining.” Plus points: Photos!

And that’s it for me. For now, anyway. I’m pretty sure there’ll be more horror round-ups and stuff coming as October rolls in. If you couldn’t guess already, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I am a horror fan. (The supernatural kind, please. No slasher / gory type. Ugh. *shudder*)



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