A Halloween Post: Wherein I Babble About a Horror Movie I Recently Watched


Before I talk your ear off: Less than two weeks to go before Halloween! Yay!

And THAT is exactly why I am posting about a horror movie I watched last weekend with my sister. The movie’s called “The Last Shift” and this one from IMDB pretty much sums it up:

A rookie cop’s 1st shift in the last night of a closing police station alone turns into a living nightmare.

Jessica Loren is the lucky rookie who gets picked to man the closing police station. After meeting with the Sergeant and given the briefing, she is left on her own. While waiting for the Hazmat team to drop by the (now empty except for her) police station, the phone on her desk suddenly rings. The call, as it turns out, is from a very distraught teen-ager named Monica. And Monica is begging for help in between frantic whispers and blood-curdling screams. Just as suddenly as the call came, the line got cut off. And things grew worse from there.

After the phone call, odd things began happening. Jessica is evidently disturbed about the phone call (which happened more than once). The series of occurrences that followed did not help. At all. Cabinets were being moved. Chairs were stacked up on top of each other. A creepy song was being sung by females she could not see. Videos were being played in an empty room. And then there’s that homeless man. Until finally, she could see who (what?) were behind the creepy disturbances in the otherwise empty police station.

Jessica has been forced to deal with the haunting in the police station, where the grisly event (the Paymon murders) that took place there a year ago produced evil spirits that just won’t stop and simply let her escape. The Paymon murders of the teen-age girls were horrifying. More so the way John Michael Paymon was able to sway two women to join him in his evil killing spree. Once Jessica uncovered what really happened to the Paymon case and the police station, it seemed too late to back down. Armed with a gun and memories of her father who died during the Paymon murders, Jessica faced the horrors all alone.

I’m not going to say anything more, as that might spoil things for you in case you might want to go watch it. All I can say is if you’re looking for a horror movie that does the job of creeping you out with jump-scares and thoughts of the horrifying things a cult can do, plus see the main character get mind-f**ked by the supernatural, then “Last Shift” is for you.

I actually liked it. And the ending… Whoa.


Here is the trailer. Watch it all alone, if you dare.

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