ALT: Pure Horror (Hello, Halloween!)

an absolutely strange tale of nothingness

Halloween is about a week away. Let us all pause for a moment of elated silence…

Followed promptly by: Yay! Yay! YAY!!!

Those who know me (or at least, have been following my blog ) know that I absolutely love Halloween. It ranks up there with Christmas and New Year. And what better way to express my love for all things horror than to whip up another list of scary stuff?

Anyone could see that the wind was a special wind this night, and the darkness took on a special feel because it was All Hallows’ Eve. Everything seemed cut from soft black velvet or gold or orange velvet.– Ray Bradbury, “The Halloween Tree”

Guys and girls, witches and warlocks, John and Wendy Torrance, and even those who are planning to dress as slutty pumpkins: I tell you now, the party starts right here. RIGHT HERE. Because, really, what else could be more terrifying than a list of terrifying tales that you can either read or watch? (And share via social media, all thanks to the digital world we are now in.) Some are real, some are fiction. That doesn’t diminish how scary it gets, though. Without further ado, here is my list:

7 Hotel Mysteries That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Why am I not surprised that Elisa Lam was included in this article? Also, the fact that these are all unsolved makes it all the more scary and disturbing.

Every Henry Kane scene from the original “Poltergeist”

Who here also had their childhood ruined because of watching the creepy old Reverend sing?

The Story of Her Holding an Orange

I know I already mentioned this in one of my previous posts but for those who missed it: This story in Reddit honestly creeped me out. If you just started, you’re in for a great read. Now get tucked in bed, click on the link above, and make sure you leave at least one light on. Happy reading!

The huge list of creepy manga / anime recommendations

The teaser images in this Tumblr are enough to clue you in to the ghastly, the ghostly, and possibly the grisly tales begging to be told. I kid you not.

“The Murder House”

How can something I find creepy and interesting still come across as refreshing? The writing style, together with the different stories interwoven together, reeled me in. Perhaps it’s going to do the same to you.

The Top 10 Horror/Thriller Manga

If you are a fan of Asian horror, don’t skip out on the link above. It’s worth it, I promise. I myself had to restrain from grabbing copies of “Monster“, “Scary Book“, and “Uzumaki.” From a gang of kids battling with everything zombie and alien to the frightening things we as humans are capable of and right down to the supernatural, this is really one article worth reading for any fellow horror fan.

Strange letters from the St. Louis prison

A Reddit story that does the job in good horror. When you receive a letter from prison and from someone you don’t know, what are the chances that something could go wrong? Read it and let whatever emotion / feeling it evokes sink in… all in time for Halloween!

The Suicide Room

Another Reddit story worth reading. Quite lengthy, I agree. But hear me out: Start reading and then finish it. I always had a romanticized version of living in a campus dorm. This story was one of those things that made me re-think that.

And there you have it. Eight horror stuff. I hope you do enjoy most (if not all) of them!


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