Hey, January! What’s Brewing?

I'm a glitch in the matrix.

I was going to create a moodboard for those weeks of not blogging. That did not fall through, apparently. Instead, you got stuck with that glitch in the matrix graphics above. I got stuck with that image I made, so don’t grumble too much. At least we’re in this together.


The things and thoughts that have been swirling round and round in my head. Consider yourself blessed that I haven’t thrown any of them here. You’ve been spared some serious madness. I know my previous post was all heavy and sober. Make no mistake: I am still not okay, okay? But I’ve been trying to get by each day, sanity tucked close to my side.

It’s already 2016 and I still can’t wrap my head around that fact. BUT oh goodness gracious great balls of fire! The things I have stumbled upon! They remind me that life is good, that there is something to look forward to when I make enough effort to peek through the cracks. Things like:

  1. Why have I not heard about the X-Files” revival sooner than today?! Needless to say, I am thrilled and ecstatic and I cannot wait until it airs!
  2. This Nicoletta Ceccoli tarot deck is absolutely beautiful.
  3. While I have yet to catch up on the “Welcome to Night Vale” podcast episodes I missed, its tarot deck is something I’d love to get my hands on el pronto!
  4. And what would the title of the post be good for if I didn’t throw in an actual glitch in the matrix story? Warning: Interesting and baffling and creepy and amazing story ahead!
  5. And lastly: A great read about melancholy and reflection. Here’s a snippet:

I don’t know if you’ll be a writer, but you have the ‘up down’ thing too. Make creative use of it, otherwise, people will think you’re just plain nuts.

Now excuse me. I have more things and thoughts to entertain in my already crowded brain. Actually, I’m just going to lie down and stare off into space, wool-gathering, because it’s what we writers do best. Stay sane and keep on chugging on that coffee, people!


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