The Famous “Let’s Talk” Line, Right Here, Right Now


A nonsensical yet utterly charming blog post about current reads, film watching, and zines. And no, there are no tacos in this blog post. You have been forewarned.

I have tried so hard to fit in. I have tried (a little, sometimes) to stand out (on things that mattered to me). I didn’t have a terrible childhood. I sure as hell didn’t have terrible teen-age years, although my 16 year-old self would beg to differ. (First love, first heartbreak, being one of the boys, proms and balls, Hard Rock Cafe, books and notebooks, that first mug of coffee while in the mountain province one summer, relating — totally relating — to that “Mulan” song, “Reflection.” HA! The throes and woes of a teen-ager!) I have coasted through my younger years alternating between an “I don’t care” attitude and an “Oh my gosh, everyone’s looking / going to know!” mindset. Now that I am in my 30s, I tend to lean towards the former, except that I now fondly call it “the devil may care” attitude.

I have recently (and slowly but… surely???) obsessively downloaded e-books, namely:

  1. 500 Ways to be a Better Writer by Chuck Wendig
  2. Irregular Creatures by Chuck Wendig
  3. Paper Girls 1

And then there’s my obsession / curiosity about zines. Click here and here to read more about it. Welcome to my world!

Remember the 90s? Boy bands, baggy jeans, real telephones, and the explosion of zines? Before the Internet became mainstream, zines were popular. These independent, often hand-made publications, cover all topics ranging from music to politics to personal life, and everything in between – See more at:

Also? I have watched “Aloha” twice because I absolutely love it, even though I am well aware that that film bombed. –

Also? I watched “Aloha” twice and I just absolutely love, LOVE that movie!

Now is a good time to tell you that most of the books in the New York Times bestseller list? They don’t even appeal to me.

Oh, you’re still here? *high five!* Because you’re such a sport, waddling through the nonsense I have been spouting, here are more stuff (basically internet treats) for you:

  • Let’s pull through this Monday (and future Mondays) together! Take a moment to read these 30 inspiring quotes. This one’s my favorite so far: “Dear Monday, I want to break up. I’m seeing Tuesday and dreaming about Friday. It’s not me, it’s you.”
  • Emma Gannon’s Tiny Letter, which makes me want to start a Tiny Letter of my own but held myself back because, you know, I tend to blather.
  • Writing = public solitude. Here, read this for some thoughtful thoughts on writing.
  • Aaaand let me save the best for last: “The X-Files” returns! On January 24th! Woo-hoo!

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