Underwriting Tenacity


Has it been five days since my last post? Five days… already? Sometimes (okay, most times) I feel as if I get lost in a rabbit hole where the time warps and morphs into either a speeding bullet or the sloooow drop of molasses from the jar down to clean but scratched linoleum floor.

Those five days flew by pretty fast and that’s saying something, because last Saturday I found out that sleeping for just an hour and then trying to function as a capable human being are two things that I hope I will never encounter again. Ever. My mind was hardly registering things. Was that a person or a blob? Wait! Was that… a *gasp!* shadow person?

I cannot believe there will be a day wherein I’ll be saying this: I have been busy, both at work and during my days off. I wish my days off consisted of mad love on creative productivity, so I would feel that smug satisfaction and not guilt nibbling at the back of my head when I kick back and relax and have a TV series marathon. Nope. No go on the “creative productivity” part. When I am not watching TV shows or reading, I am promptly asleep. There are things I need to delve into. Things that are waiting to be crossed off in my to-do list. What are those things? Ah. AH. If I share them here right now, I would be forced to not indulge my hedonistic lifestyle which currently focuses on:

  • TV shows (Who else here is eager about the new “The X-Files”?)
  • books, both old and new (Currently reading… *blink, blink… recalling…* Ah! “Cum Laude”)
  • sleeping (I don’t think I will ever recover from that one hour sleep lats Saturday.)
  • eating / bingeing (Two words: Quail eggs.)
  • coffee (Death before decaf! Even when caffeine is absolutely not needed.)
  • and more coffee (I stand by my previous statement.)

My tenacity for this newfound slothful lifestyle is astounding. So astounding, in fact, that I have the feeling this coming weekend will pretty much be a replica of last weekend.


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