Wanted: Document Expert (A Seatmate, Really)

a job posting

As posted originally in my Facebook account, out of sheer desperation and boredom.


Looking for someone who has mad writing skillz – – Oh, wait. This is a job post for our team. “Skillz” doesn’t sound professional. Let me rephrase that: We are looking for someone who is comfortable and decent with writing documentation. (Sidenote: Autocorrect turned “writing” to “whoring.” Oops! So glad I caught that one! Whoring documentation just doesn’t sound right. And professional.) Anyway. Yes, our team is looking for a documentation expert who will be creating user guides and training documents, as well as web articles and product marketing materials. Fun stuff! Am I right?

There is free coffee. (There always is. The question is, what does the coffee taste like? No, I will not answer that. You’d have to find out for yourself. Hint: I just buy my coffee at McDonald’s.)

Also? Should you get accepted, know that your desk is located beside mine. And that the view you will have is the glass door of our office. Right now, I can assure you this: your view will consist of boxes, cleaning items, discarded chairs from the Operations area and training rooms, and a plain desk with cabinets.

So what are you waiting for? Apply now! Send me a private message, yo. (Because the chair next to mine has been empty for months and I am suddenly feeling lonely.)

(Yes, I am serious. Our team really is looking for a documentation expert. So yes, do send me a private message if interested.)

That was posted last Friday. I have not yet received any inquiry. Maybe I need to come up with another one, in a completely different tone. Something more serious, perhaps? Like reeling in someone who is a great candidate to be shipped off to a convent, maybe.


Yes, you can speak up.

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