For the Love of Words, I Blather


I was going to make this a post about love and sweet nothings but then I have been busy doing anything except writing. That kind of killed my momentum, you know?

I have been downloading Kindle books like it would save me come zombie apocalypse time. Now you know who’s going to get killed the moment the world — our world — becomes overcrowded with zombies!

Getting two hours of sleep due to the way things are at home? Check. (Which strikes me as funny, when I think about it. Because if I keep up with my lack of sleep and then promptly proceed to function like a normal human being, only to come off as a zombie, then I am part of the zombie apocalypse. I will be on the zombie side, human! You have been warned! Gack! Urnggggh! Blarchhhh!)

{ What is it with me and all these zombie talks? I don’t even like zombie stories! Or maybe I’m just in denial…}

Signing up for this newsletter thing wherein I will send dispatches on a regular basis. So if you like things like books and horror and web finds and the occasional geekery landing on your inbox, then stay tuned for that newsletter. It’s words and wit, I tell you. Words and wit soaked on vodka and left to hang dry on a balmy June mid-morning. (Got some cold, sweet iced tea ready?)

Working on a new web design which, sadly, I cannot even use here because I am a starving artist and have no webspace of my own.

“Blackbird” by Anna Carey? YES, PLEASE.

And then: scary fun! I have Boy Scouts in my list, a story gone wrong when you Google yourself, and taxi drivers picking up ghost passengers. Fun times!

Totally tangent but worth it: Project Prescription from Paul Jarvis and Shauna Haider. If you work on web designs: Just. Click. It. Click the link. There is no dancing Rick Astley, I promise. (Yes, I just said that and my age now shows.)

To cap off today’s web round-ups of random yet cool stuff is this set of literary mugs that will make fellow booknerds laugh and weep (from sheer joy, of course) at the same time.

And here is a proverb that may or may not comfort singles everywhere:

There are hot singles in your area, and they all died exactly 20 years ago, on a night just like tonight.

* I pulled and displayed those words from my favorite podcast, “Welcome to Night Vale.”


2 thoughts on “For the Love of Words, I Blather

    1. At least you know you are both safe should there ever be a zombie apocalypse! Lol. My friend once showed me a video which showed some tips and tricks on how to survive it. While watching it, I think, “Uh-oh. Looks like I’m not going to do much surviving when this thing rolls in.” Haha!


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