This is My Cue to Come Up With A Clever Title


… and I didn’t come up with any. Wow. Look at that, a stunning example of my wit and wonder.

While I have no clever title to give today, I do have a couple of stuff in the works. *brief pause, albeit dramatically* And it all pertains to this blog. *another pause, hoping this will bubble up your curiosity* And oi, this is not some blathering of a sleep-deprived, pro-zombie human. I have actually been working on those ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!

There had been tons of things gone wrong, if not awry, in life and I feel like I need to work on a couple of things close to my heart. It helps keep insanity and the beasts at bay, amiright? I’m starting with my blog posts. I know I tend to meander (that’s the kind of bad news) but at least in the near future I will meander better (that’s the good news). Uh, that doesn’t make sense right now but you’ll piece together things soon enough as it all begins to unfold, starting here at Foxes & Fangs. In fact, to keep my word in bringing something neither blah nor blech!, here’s what I am kicking off: Sub Rosa. (You can check my sidebar there. See that TinyLetter’s heart and envelope icon?)

I have been forever scrounging around the internet and I am not sure why, but I do stumble across the following things:

  • odd
  • creepy
  • off-kilter
  • WHOA. Psychotic people who  managed to pull off evil things!
  • eerie

I thought it’s high time to share them and throw in some miscellaneous stuff. I know I have been sharing some in this blog (like this and that) but hey. A newsletter. Sounds like something worth trying. I hope you venture with me in this branch of Foxes & Fangs. (You can sign up here.) If you have any ideas or suggestions about anything related to the items I have listed above, I’d love to hear them. Now here’s my parting word for you before I finally go to bed and get some shut-eye:

Step one: separate your lips.
Step two: use facial muscles to pull back corners of mouth.
Step three: widen your eyes.

This is how to be happy.

Proverb for today’s blog post has been brought to you by my favorite podcast, “Welcome to Night Vale.”


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