The Difference in Me: This Loooong Weekend


Well, folks. There will be radio silence here for a few days. I am off to my four-day weekend. YAY! Funny, when I said “four” this image suddenly went streaking past my mind:


It must be because I am re-reading “Insurgent.” Let’s see if I can bring myself to re-read “Allegiant” next without crying like an infant this time. So anyway. Back to the radio silence: It’s probably going to be a while before I post here again. Here and in other social media sites. I am going to take this time to tumble down the rabbit hole and haven’t you heard? There is no internet in the rabbit hole. You just see talking and singing flowers and basically have tea with the Mad Hatter and that… that mouse? Rabbit? I forget… It’s a trippy world down there, I tell you.

Friday. No work? Check. Monday. Again, no work? Check. Woohoo! (Except, you’re never really out of the office… Mike, you know my number. Text me if there are issues with the websites. Haha.)

Okay, I won’t keep you any longer than necessary. Time is gold and all that saying, amiright? Have fun with your weekend! And remember: Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.



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