Everything’s on Fire


Last weekend was… all about surviving on caffeine while running low on sleep, with an energy that’s practically non-existent. Any form of coherence was chucked out the window.

Friday: The good news is that I was able to watch “Captain America: Civil War” that day. Yay! 😀 Never mind that it meant I only slept for 2.5 hours and I had to work the whole night. Never mind that it felt like the longest Friday ever. Never mind that by past 4 PM, I was so far gone I wasn’t sure I was even holding conversations right. The venti iced latte with triple shots of espresso barely helped, but thank you ever so much anyway, Starbucks. I still love you.

Saturday: I barely got some sleep. Four hours, I think? I got home at six in the morning, slept around 11 or 12 noon, and then woke up by 3 or 4 PM. The struggle was real, guys. The moment I was out and about that Saturday, I felt like I was floating and I couldn’t even feel my face anymore. I may or may not have stumbled a time or two while walking around.

Sunday: I didn’t need to wake up because I DID NOT EVEN SLEEP PROPERLY when I got back home Saturday night. I think I hit the bed around 10 or 11 PM and then woke up around 2 AM. And oh wow, I never fell back asleep again. So when Sunday rolled right in and I had to go somewhere, I was in full-on zombie mode.

Moral of the story: Guys, please don’t ever try barely sleeping for three straight days. Never mind that it’s the hot damned weekend.

I don’t even know how I ever made it to Monday alive.


There was little time for reading any of the books I had bought a few weeks ago. There was no time for writing. (Oh, the shame!) But I did manage to surf the net and scrounge around for bits and pieces to read. It’s the lazy girl’s go-to activity because information and thoughts and ideas are within reach simply by scrolling with your fingertips, without ever leaving your bed. Lo and behold, the things I managed to find:

15 Reasons Why Dating a Girl Who Reads Will Enhance Your Life

For a change, all 15 items in this list actually hits home. It’s not even about stereotypes. It’s about the qualities of someone whose passion and pastime is reading. (“Passion” and “pastime.” See what I did there? Hehe.) But this one’s my favorite:

4. She doesn’t mind spending time alone. A girl who reads probably craves alone time more than any other girl. She doesn’t mind entertaining herself with a pile of books. You will never have to worry about taking care of her — ever. She loves her books just as much as she loves you.

An epiphany is not an obligation. It’s an invitation.

There is nothing better, scarier, and infinitely more rewarding than having the truth revealed to you in moments that you didn’t even see coming. In a particular Wall Street Journal article (link is within the article linked above), Tony Kushner shared his thoughts about epiphanies and I absolutely loved it:

You look for these moments as a writer, when something clicks. You’re always hoping that as you do it, you’re excavating a tunnel that you can go down to get to things you didn’t know before.

“The truth is out there.” The question is are you ready to face it? It might be scary…

Are you a fan of “The X-Files”, too? Then get ready to be transported back to the 90s. Geek and Sundry listed a couple of episodes to give you the good old heebie-jeebies. Tonight might be a good time to dive under the blanket while watching them. Keep the lights off for maximum fear factor.

I love dogs and I cannot lie.

Ladies, brace yourselves. That link comes with adorable, swoon-worthy photos of men with their dogs. I cannot decide who has the best photo: Is it #3 or #10 or #29? Oh, the problems we have to deal with! 😀

Funny. Very funny gifs that depict your love life (or lack thereof).

Entertainment value for this post is high (or maybe it’s just that it’s not that hard to make me laugh). Whether you’re single or not, read it. And if you have single friends, pass along the link. See if they laugh with you. If they don’t, find someone to introduce to them el pronto. Either that or treat them to tacos and pizzas, preferably for a month. What? You need to make your amends for hurting their feelings.

And that, folks / ladies and gentlemen, ends this post. I realize that while I get more pageviews when I wrote about feelings or attraction, I just can’t shake off the side of me who’s begging to write about stuff like this one. Stuff that generally doesn’t make sense but still makes you feel good (I hope) because hello? What’s not to like about those links? Especially the one which shows photos of men with their dogs.

Have a happy day wherever you are! 😀 Try to take it easy on wine, tacos, avocados, or whatever floats your boat. (Mine is coffee. It’s always coffee.)



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