“What do you believe in?” He asked.


1. Just like Gabby in “The Choice” movie, I believe in the moon, too. I believe in the pull of its energy and beauty. Fun fact I learned back in college, when I was poring through a random book during my free time: The moon is a symbol of chastity. And that, guys, is today’s big word to reflect on: chastity.

2. I also believe in the power of coffee. And if that is not enough, then I also believe in the power of dumping seven sugar packets in that coffee.

3. The Starbucks venti size is not huge enough. They should create a new one that’s even bigger. Think “more venti than venti” or “super duper venti.”

4. This quote? Also worth believing. Believe me that it’s worth believing. Let’s all believe in this, okay?


5. While we’re on the subject of mushy stuff, I also now believe in every single word of this, especially the ones in bold:

I said you’re on fire, babe, then down came the lightning on me
Love can be frightening for sure
All I know at the end of the day
Is you want what you want and you say what you say
And you’ll follow your heart even though it’ll break

6. I also believe that leggings are not jeans. No, they are definitely not jeans. So please wear a longer top.

7. I also believe that Barbara Palvin is one of the most gorgeous faces to ever grace the Earth. Amen.


8. I also believe that Jensen Ackles is the hottest guy in this lifetime and the next. And the next one after that next one… You get the idea. (Jensen is the one on the left, wearing a bonnet.)


9. I believe that writing is one of the world’s best therapies.

10. I believe that Snapchat is a great way to get past boredom.

[edit: added]

11. I believe I just found my personal trinity of social media channels: Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. (Sorry, Facebook. Looks like I’ll be extending my deactivation for another week.)

There is a lot going on in my (personal) life right now. A. LOT. I’m surprised I can even post here, given the thoughts percolating inside my head. Oh! OH! Let me share with you an inspiring, uplifting conversation between me and a friend. But before that, backstory: I have told him to watch “Playing It Cool” because I wanted to hear about it from a guy’s point of view. All right, now that bit’s cleared. On with the conversation:

Me: But he HAS TO get the girl. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a movie. Thank you for watching. πŸ˜€ I hope you don’t ask for that 1.5 hours back! Haha!
Marcus: Yes, it would. He found someone better than the girl. That would be a good message. πŸ˜›
Me: Haha! But he and the girl got along so well!
Marcus: Sure but maybe he will find someone else he gets along that well with.
Me: That’s true…
Marcus: And while he looks, he still has all his friends.

Read it again and tell me what he said doesn’t make sense because it really does. Now, to the girl whose social media posts I have been seeing lately: Please know that it’s true. It’s really true. You WILL find someone better than the guy. You WILL find someone you’ll get along with that well. Or even better. Please don’t allow yourself to sink and drown in the aftermath of your break-up. There’s still a lot in this world you have yet to discover, including yourself. And when you do, you won’t even remember about this particular heartbreak. Or when you do remember, it won’t even matter to you at all anymore.



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