Please Wait. Truth is Still Putting Its Boots On.


Today’s weather: Sunny but with a hint of smog that is dense with saccharine smiles and conversations laced with lies that you never even knew were lies. Take caution and bring your daily dose of discernment and sharpness.

Guys, I am exhausted emotionally. Why must some people resort to lying and deceiving to get what they want? There is no need to operate on subterfuge. There is no need to hurt others. And lying and deceiving hurt. Those hurt a lot, okay?

A lie can run round the world before the truth has got its boots on.
― Terry Pratchett, The Truth

You have every reason to believe the friends of your friend, even if you have only ever hung out with them a few times.

You have every reason to not believe me, as I am prone to keeping quiet about personal matters. And my only reason for that is because I tend to keep things to myself. It’s just who I am.

Someone will (and probably already has) told you things. Things I never said, things I have never even done.

You have every reason to doubt me, as I have been pretty skittish. (Please go back to paragraph two for the reason behind it.) That never meant I wasn’t honest with you right from the start. I always was, always will be.

This is a battle I can’t win because I was never good with deceit and lies. I was never good in playing games. (With an “open face” like mine, are you kidding? I couldn’t lie and keep a straight face even if my life depended on it.) I like to keep things life in simple, which includes minding my own business and not sticking my nose in other people’s issues. That approach helps me be carefree and happy. It makes me focus on the good things, no matter how many problems cross my path. When I get caught in the middle of others’ games, it wears me out. It breaks me. This is one of those times.

This is a mind game I can’t win, simply because I don’t do mind games. I am not in my element here. IΒ  don’t believe in resorting to lying and manipulation to get what you want. All these half-truths I get, the third degree questions that pop up in casual conversations, all these games make me sick to my stomach. I can never win their game and I honestly have no time for histrionics. I think it’s best to walk away. It’s just not healthy for me anymore.



Yes, you can speak up.

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