Like a Birthday Dream


Someone once told me, “Wow. You’re a hard woman to please.” To which I responded, “Not really.” And that is the truth (the not really part, okay?). In fact, sometimes you can bribe me with coffee. Or just let me sleep for as long as humanly possible. You can feed me chocolates, too.

I admit to being picky with men and books but everything else? Okay, mostly everything else? I pretty much am cool with it. Do you want me to travel with you as you go hiking or perhaps explore a tomb? Fine. Do you want me to sit through an entire 90-minute romance film that is nothing but mushy goodness? I won’t be happy about it but sure. Only because we’re such good friends. (You do know there better be coffee and pasta afterward, right?)

It doesn’t really take much to make me happy. Heck, a good 360 degree horror video is enough to make me happy (scared, too, sure but really happy). A good book leaves a smile on my face. Same goes for great coffee. You know what else makes me happy? Writing. Oh come on. You knew that was coming. So yeah. Writing.

Last I left off, before my world turned upside down, I have been working on two short stories and editing one novel. I decided to scrap the short stories and I am now going back to my novel. I have only ever written about that here and found out that I while I don’t talk much about the story itself, I actually enjoy writing about the main characters, Alex and Jason. Here are the images I have used for these two:



These two are total opposites and the chemistry between them started out slow and subtle. I have finished writing about how they met, which was a lot of fun because their story (the first book I had finished and currently editing) focused on the paranormal snapping and yapping at their heels. I needed to place them at a time where they’re in a more relaxed and saner (not to mention safe) environment, a time where Alex isn’t in the middle of solving a case or Jason isn’t experiencing hallucinations and disturbances.

I think that’s a fun thing to do when you need to break away for a while from the story you’re working on: Flesh out your characters by creating some scenes where they interact with each other. Just the two of them. See how they converse and react. I bet you most times, you’ll be surprised with how their conversations turned to something completely different or you’ll discover things about them you never even thought about when you started creating them. With that said, here is a snippet of those moments I’d like to call “in-between”:


Jason took one look at the figure bearing down on him. His vision was getting splotchy around the corners and he felt like he would black out any second now. What did they want this time? He struggled to stand his ground as the figure drew nearer and nearer. When he finally came face-to-face, confusion lapped at his foggy mind. The figure, as it turned out, was female. A small female. Very pale, almost skinny. Almost. Dark hair, light eyes. Pursed lips. A pinched expression on her face as she studied him.

“You’re not one of them,” He croaked out, not thinking before the words were out of his mouth.

“You’re lucky I’m not,” She said, her tone edging on clipped and snappish. “Come on. Let me bring you home.”

“Who are you?” Jason said.

“Blue sent me to get you,” the girl said. “Said his nephew was in trouble and that I should ‘collect’ him.” Seeing that he wouldn’t budge, she whipped out a mobile phone from her jeans pocket and proceeded to call his uncle. “Hi, Blue! Yeah, I’m here at the back parking lot of The Black Bar. He looks okay.” She eyed him again. “Doesn’t look that drunk. Got a few scrapes and bruises, yes. You need to talk to him, since he seems to have a hard time believing you sent me to get him.” She handed him the phone.

“Hey, Blue, What is it with you sending someone to come get me?” Jason said.

“I honestly thought you were well past this phase of getting into drunken fights,” Blue said. “I don’t know if the media got wind of this. I hope not. Otherwise, there’ll be hell to pay.”

Jason grimaced. “You didn’t even ask how I was.”

“Alex said you seem fine,” Blue said. “Now go with her. Don’t be so hard-headed.” Then he hung up.

Jason handed the phone back to the girl. “You’re Alex?”

“I am,” She pocketed the phone. “Now let’s get you home.”

“I have my car,” Jason said. “I can drive. I’m not even close to being drunk.” Feeling as if it was necessary, he added, “Two bottles of beer. It’s all I had.”

Alex shrugged. “Good for you, then.” She turned on her heels and Jason followed her.

“It’s late,” He said. “You’re that close to Blue?”

“We’re good friends,” Alex said. She glanced at him over her shoulder. “If you’re feeling unwell, you better tell me now.”

Jason shook his head slowly. “It was just a few punches.”

“Either you’re more drunk than you think or you had a bad fight was a guy who’s got seriously good aim,” Alex said.

“Why is that?

“You have a cut lip, three bruises, and a possible black-eye,”

“There were three of them,”

“If you constantly get into fistfights, it might be a good idea to invest in an excellent martial arts class,”

Jason scowled at Alex’s back. “It doesn’t happen often.”

“Oh?” Alex said. That single syllable reply spoke volumes.

Jason hurried to her side. “Are we done walking?”

“Yeah. The car’s almost here,” Alex said.

A sudden wave of dizziness washed over Jason. He swayed and then stumbled. Small, pale hands that were surprisingly strong gripped his shoulders and steadied him.

“You okay?” Her voice now sounded soft and gentle. “Let’s sit you down on the sidewalk.”

“No, no. I’m fine,” Jason said. The dizziness vanished just as suddenly, followed by embarrassment.

“Good,” Alex sounded relieved. “I really can’t carry you. And the driver coming to pick us up is so thin, I look like a stuffed turkey next to him.”

Jason laughed. “No fainting then, I promise.”

Alex’s eyes bore into his. “Aside from dizziness, what else are you feeling?”

“Humiliation,” Jason said promptly.

It was Alex’s turn to laugh. “I’ve seen worse.” A black town car pulled up before them. “Here’s our ride. Get in, Sealtiel. In case you faint, better inside the car than in the pavement. Blue will kill me if that happens.”

— END —

I started this whole Alex-Jason story years ago. I think back in 2013? 2012? Yeah, practically ancient history. You wouldn’t believe the relief and elation I felt when I finally finished it. There are a few more scenes following the excerpt above, but I guess that’s another story for another time. For now, I am off to the land of the zzz. Keep on writing, folks! And reading. Those two go so well together, like Oreos and milk. Mmmm… Now that I mentioned that, maybe I’ll eat first before hitting the bed. *mic drop*


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3 thoughts on “Like a Birthday Dream

  1. Ah, Alex and Jason seem really interesting! Definitely want to know more about them, especially why Jason is getting into so many fights haha. I thought your idea about just letting the characters converse was really neat. My stories are usually very heavy in inter-personal relationships so that actually happens quite a bit. But in the last three books I’ve worked on, the characters always came first, before the plot even. So usually I’ll write kind of situations where they converse or do something interesting to get the feel of who they are.


  2. Thank you, Richelarosales! 🙂 Creating the characters first followed by the plot? You do that, too? Same here! 😀 I think it’s interesting to base the story’s conflict on the main characters’ weaknesses and flaws, hitting them where they are vulnerable. And writing mundane scenes involving them usually works when trying to dig deeper into who they are. “So usually I’ll write kind of situations where they converse or do something interesting to get the feel of who they are.” Exactly.


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