ALT: Propensities for Caffeine, Troubled Teens, and Paranormal


I am not the mushy type. Not normally. Heck, Father’s Day rolled right in the other day and where were my social media posts about how I miss my dad (rest in peace, Pa) and how I love him to the moon and back? Nada. Not a word from me that day. Not in Facebook, not in Twitter, and definitely not in Snapchat. So if I spewed some mushy stuff your way, feel greatly honored. There’s a lot of people waiting for the same thing. Haha! I’m kidding. I can’t imagine who would want to hear me spouting mushy sentiments about feelings.


With that said, let’s jump right into the heart of this post, shall we? Namely, my current fixations and delights.

“Hello. World. You will forget me.”

There comes a time in one’s life when you are just utterly, illogically captivated and obsessed with a thing or two or four thousand. Sometimes, these obsessions are people or clothes. For me? It’s more somewhere along the lines of written words, be it an article or a blog post. I lap up words that tell unbelievably great stories and pull beautifully resonating scenes in my mind’s eye. In the meantime, this one takes center stage:

link here

I have been slacking off in reading. It’s not like I’m in a race or a marathon but lately I feel like my brain cells and imagination are slowly dying because there are no new materials to devour, no new stories to play with. I actually bought this book because I have just finished Stephen King’s “Revival” and Neil Gaiman’s “Trigger Warning” and felt I needed something less dark. “Shatter Me” is the first book in a trilogy and so far, so good. There are both good and bad things about it, but what book doesn’t, right? Especially if it’s an author’s first novel. But yeah, I’m enjoying it so far. (I’m only halfway through.) The pace kicks up when Adam Kent is thrown inside the room with Juliette Ferrars. It gets even better when Juliette is brought to the place where Warner (and the other soldiers) reside. It’s safe to say I will definitely be buying the next two books.

My kind of jinx

There’s just something about this song that makes me feel all giddy and happy and high as hell. Within listening to the first few seconds of this song, I was hooked. I could play this on repeat all day long. (I may have already done that.)

Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

I can’t believe my favorite show is on season 11 already. (Even better, there will be season 12. Yay!) I have been binge-watching and I. Just. Cannot. Wait. Until. I reach the final episode for the season. Will Sam die this time? What?! Not Dean again, please. (And no, I have not looked into any spoilers so please spare me the details. Thanks.)

I love how Sam and Dean keep getting themselves in the middle of something dark and apocalyptic. Amara, the one they’ll be fighting in the Big Boss Battle stage, just seems so reckless and self-righteous and I hate how she plays the victim. But I do love how Crowley inevitably steps in to help the Winchesters, even though it’s purely for self-serving purposes. Then there’s Castiel. Poor Castiel, the misguided angel who is now Lucifer’s vessel. You know what I love the most about this show? Those moments where family, be it by blood or by ties, is emphasized as important. We don’t have to look further than Sam and Dean looking out for each other, no matter what. Also? Scenes like this one has become part of the show that I just find beautiful:


Witty and Sassy and Funny

We all need various forms of entertainment in our lives. Otherwise, we shrivel up and die on the inside. This is why I am so glad I stumbled upon these gems in Instagram. Never a day goes by that I do not laugh at their posts.

same (@huffpostwomen // @millioneiress)

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It will end with "why are you doing this?"

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plans for the long weekend

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And that is it for now. I know I said a while back that I’ll be posting the story I have finally completed. Somewhere along the way, that drowned in all the coffee I consumed and the sleeping hours I have taken. But yes, I am working on it. Now go forth and don’t follow in my footsteps. Write away, my writerly friends. Write away! (I’m spewing nonsense now, aren’t I?)



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